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Author Topic: Looking for an artist for 13 page horror story  (Read 647 times)


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Looking for an artist for 13 page horror story
« on: 30 August, 2012, 06:41:42 PM »
Hi, I’m looking for an artist for a 13 page horror about an historian who discovers a long lost legend and a carving of a Goddess in a tree. She’s warned however, that the carving is not what it appears to be and has to fight for her life to prevent the coming of the ageless Goddess.

I know 13 pages is a lot to ask but I really like this script and want to see it drawn. I’ve a shit load of work on at the moment or I would do it myself. Also, it’s sometimes nice to see what other people do with your scripts.

The plan is to collect it with a few other stories and publish it as part of an anthology. Either that or pitch it around to anyone who accepts submission of that length.

As far as art styles go, I'm pretty much open to anything...

If you’re interested then PM me or email danielbellcomics@gmail.com

You can see other examples of my writing at http://www.myebook.com/danielbellcomics/