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Author Topic: DREDD 3D in 2D (posting this here because I'm new and can't post anywhere else)  (Read 495 times)


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Can somebody copy and paste this into the movie forum for me, ta.

Hi all- noticed some of you saying you can't watch a 3D movie - well I have a simple solution for you.
All you have to do is buy two pairs of 3D glasses from the cinema (they don't cost too much).
On one pair punch out the left lens - on the other pair punch out the right lens.
Put the left lens from pair one into the right hole in pair two (you might need sticky tape to secure it)
Put the right lnes from pair two into the left hole in pair one.
You now have two - 3D to 2D - glasses.

Trust me, this works, I do 3D stuff at Sky ;)

(poor newb who cant post anywhere)

(PS - its very important that you dont turn the lens round at all - it has to be the same way round (ie not back to front) and at the same angle - otherwise it wont work)
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