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Author Topic: You meant to say that.  (Read 716 times)


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You meant to say that.
« on: 22 January, 2003, 03:20:48 PM »
Double entendres, can anyone think of examples of writers or artists slipping one in?
I’m going to give you one anyway. It’s from prog 187 and appears in part 6 of the Strontium Dog story “The Shicklegruber Grab” (ouch!).

Armstrong Jones: Damn your eyes Alpha! You’ve boned me!

Johnny Alpha: What were you going to do to me, Jonesy? Hugs and kisses, was it?


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Anyone want this for nothing?
« Reply #1 on: 22 January, 2003, 03:28:14 PM »
I moved house recently (why I've not been around much for the last couple months), and last week, I went a snooping in my new attic for the first time.

In there I found a budgie cage, two (disconnected) closed circuit cameras, and two crates stuffed with old copies of Loaded and FHM (which, as you may know, is like Loaded, only with glossier paper which you can wipe clean). Never having read these organs, I was interested to doscover that they seemed to be written entirely by twelve-year-olds with dirty minds.

This gives me the profile of the previous owner of Wood Towers being a bird-loving voyeur with very bad eyesight and RSI, incidentally.

So most of them are in pretty good condition (and imagine my surprise when I found out that they go on eBay for 3 or 4 quid a time. Ker-ching, I thought).  

Anyway, one of the copies of Loaded, dating to 1997, has a sizeable feature about 2000AD's 20th anniversary in it. To be honest, I just want to get rid of the things (my wife's attitude is, it's soft porn, and I should be burning it, not selling it)... so if anyone wants this particular issue (I'll try and attach a cover pic at the bottom of this post) just ask... and I'll send it you.

esoteric ed

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Re: You meant to say that....
« Reply #2 on: 23 January, 2003, 01:13:42 AM »
What was the one in Dredd when he or another judge shouted "La Toyah's going down" when a Block named after Jacko's sister collapsed in Mega City One!?



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Re: You meant to say that....
« Reply #3 on: 23 January, 2003, 01:36:30 AM »
Just about everything that Sinister/Dexter have ever said.


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Re: You meant to say that.......
« Reply #4 on: 23 January, 2003, 04:31:35 AM »
SIN/DEX - I thought we were doing funny ones.
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