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Author Topic: Tokyo Jungle  (Read 517 times)


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Tokyo Jungle
« on: 16 October, 2013, 12:49:05 pm »

Tokyo Jungle

Does anybody play or has played this?

I heard about it a while ago and had never really bothered with it since you can only download it from Playstation Network.

Since, I've purchased Playstation Three early last year. I've never really wanted to give my credit card details and leave those details on their archive.

It seems a bit risky since it's been hacked a few times.

Though, last night after many months of not using the Playstation Three I finally dusted off the controller and had a look for this game on Playstation Store

I found another game that is a free download called Spartacus - Legends based on the Stars television series of the same name. I may bring up the topic of this game later here or another forum.

I actually signed on the Playstation Network or at least I think I did and without giving away my credit card details.

I found the game Tokyo Jungle after conducting a search for it and found it still costs about $29.99 USD.

I will have to purchase one of the codes that allow you to pay for things without using your credit cards from the store itself.

The game it self about a scenerios where you pick a animal or your given a animal and they have to survive of the streets of Tokyo and being preyed on by other animals. I think this is where all the humans have already mysteriously disappeared.

So, the streets of Tokyo just have animals.

You can be a small type of dog, lion, hyena, cheetah, chimpanzee, elephants, chickens, gazelle, hippos, giraffes, pandas, tigers, smilidon, cats, deer, types of dinosaur, crocodiles, primitive man, a business man, and a robot dog.

Not sure about wolves though.