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Author Topic: Upcoming Steam Sale.... what are people waiting for?  (Read 8132 times)


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Re: Upcoming Steam Sale.... what are people waiting for?
« Reply #75 on: 02 July, 2014, 08:33:00 PM »
Well, I got killed three times.....The first time I tried to make camp on top of a hill clear of any trees or other foliage far to right of plane wreck (If your facing the in the same direction of the where the cockpit used to be.) . I had to cross some water to get to this place. First thing, I built as I was collecting rocks, sticks .and leaves on my way or tried to build was the smallest temporary shelter. It was dark with night around me already....and I couldn't finish it before I ran out of leaves and at that point, I hadn't quite worked out how to collect those exactly.  So, I just left that and collected more rocks, and sticks or twigs. Then, I started to build the fire-pit, but putting some distance between that and where I had started the small shelter.

Apparently, it's a common opinion that  while fire will scare the mutant/cannibal/natives.

It will also help them to spot you much easier.

So, I tried using caution when choosing a place to build the fire.

I got this done after two trips into the surrounding woods and then tried for leaves, but just couldn't and while I was messing around in the dark.

I saw them walking around the fire I just built and they spotted me while I was standing in the dark of the woods.

So, perhaps they have enhanced senses or heat vision.

I managed to hit one of them a few times before I was over powered and woke up again in the cave.

The cave was different from how it was the first couple of time I played this game nearly a fortnight ago.

As I was prompted to ignite my lighter, I did so, without checking for the cannibals surrounding me.

This time, I was immediately done for and had to restart again.....

This time, I did the same thing, except I started my small-shelter on a small rise that was still covered by plenty of forest. Roughly, in the same direction, but not quite as far. So, it wasn't quite as dark, when I started building my camp. Yet, it didn't make much difference, as I spent more time searching for building, materials and soon lost sight of the shelter I started as I travelled further away from it.

There was another camp site with some tents arranged in circle facing inwards with some burnt bodies, (Cooked-Campers!) some more consumables and a flintlock-rifle.  Which never turned up in my inventory. (Broken-Game....yes!) When I though I had enough sticks and stones. I made for the same direction, I thought I came from and ended up on the beach below a below a rise where the forest was. There was
something like another small tent on this beach pitched right up on the edge where the sand meets the higher ground. I found spear and this never turned up in my inventory as well.

I climbed the rise and decided to build another small shelter further in from the edge behind some large boulders for cover. I gave up again, because I didn't have the leaves to finish it. So, I started on a fire-pit on the other side of the boulders and further back from the shoreline. There were a lot of sticks and stones close by. So, I didn't have get lost again to get this done. 

Now, I don't know the immediate effects a fire-pit. According to the book you use in game, it's suppose to restore my health in some way. Providing been continuously eating, then the snacks I found while raiding the suitcases scattered around the plane wreck. There is also, berries that can be picked. Though at night it's hard to tell the good dark purple or blue ones from toxic black and red ones.

I did manage to chop down a few rabbits/conies and goanna's/monitor's which I ended up cooking on another fire-pit I built right on the edge of the rise before the beach, but still what I thought might have been a safe distance from my unfinished shelter and had a feed on them. This had the effect of satisfying my hunger for while as two yellow bars appeared on that stomach gauge on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

I also built two standing fires at some distance away from my make-shift camp-site on either side. They were both on the rise on the other side of the ravines that were also on either side of where I was.

Nervously, I noticed one of them had approached the first one I built, but he didn't appear to notice me and come any closer to where I was. I was in the dark, but the forest was now well lit around me on both sides.

I still couldn't acquire any leaves, for my unfinished shelter and morning came. While I was still foraging for other building supplies.   

Not that I recall, how this happened, but I was soon found and over powered by the natives.

This time, I refrained from switching on my lighter, but I was only alone in the cave  with what could only be described as a more mutated version of the other natives. if they were even mutants at all. It like two or three naked (And anatomically correct!) female bodies fused together, back to back. Although it only had one head which could only be could a head, because that was where it was situated from the neck upwards. There were no, eyes, ears, nose or mouth. There was no hair and it looked like melted wax. it had many legs and it upper limbs were more like tentacles. As I decided to strike out at it with my trusty chopping axe. It didn't even flinch or appear damaged. So I left and made for the exit.

The cave system was definitely a lot less complex than the one from first attempt of this game nearly a fortnight ago.

It was just a mere tunnel leading up a slope was quite unnaturally smooth under foot as I ascended it. While there were various caverns in the previous ones that eventually lead me to choice between the exit and facing more of those cannibals. 

The I dies when I got outside, not exactly knowing, but guessing what had killed me.

I was then I noticed something strange....as I saw the words appear in large letters across my screen that I had survived these days. While it was surely seemed like ne night, unless I had been unconscious for that long.

So, I started again....this time. I remained close to plane wreck after scavenging for various supplies. This way, I saved some valuable hours of daylight in exchange for travel time.

This time, I tried my axe out on felling a tree and succeeded provided my aim was consistent and true. Yet, I couldn't carry even one log without having my hand full and encumbered. (Naturally!) I just took them one by one towards the rear of the grounded aircraft ad just left them there.

First thing I started to build this time, was the stick-holder and the log-holder. Right next to the rear of the plane. Which I left unfinished, while I built and finished a standing-fire right up against the part where the front of it had been separated from it. I didn't light it just yet, because the sun was still above the horizon.

Then I returned to back of the plane to contribute to two wooden container I started on before. They were still yet to be completed as I started on and finished a fire-pit in between both of them. I made that my priority and was about to cook some of the critter I managed to catch and was attacked as one of those natives snuck up on me. I think there was another two or three of them circling around me, but they scattered and ran off after when I took the first one down.

I soon harvested his limbs before I finished cooking my dinner and went to build a small shelter a small rise further into the forest on the right hand side of the plane around the back. It was by then and because I was swinging my axe around and felling the smaller foliage. This was how to get leaves.

It was starting to get dark...so I lit the standing-fire I had left round the front of the plane-wreck.

Though it was slow process.

I was glad I sussed out tree-chopping and leaf gathering. As simple as it may be in real life.

So, I finished my temporary-shelter and used it. As it was well and truly dark by then and I had also finished the two wooden containers. I used the shelter and rested and when I awoke, I was cold and wet. So I went and built a fire on the other-side of the plane further, in towards the forest.

By the light of the first I noticed one of those cannibal made effigies with a severed head adorned in feathers on a pole sticking out of the ground just a few feet back from where I started the fire.

I stood there for as long as I dared and even threw some rabbit meat on it to chew on when it was done.

Then I returned to the shelter, as it was still dark and felt like it was long from morning.

I tried sleeping a few more times, but I think it was only giving me short little naps or it was used up. So, after the fourth or fifth time of doing this, I heard some birdsong, but the sun hadn't risen yet and I knew those natives were supposed to be more aggressive in the shadows.

So, I returned to fire I had I had previously started and noticed it was still only just burning with enough
light for me to find it easier enough. I was about to throw some more left-over rabbit on it when I got hit from behind.

Spinning around on my attacker, I launched my axe at him several times before he ran around me and I had to spin around again to finish him off. Noticing others were circling around me, I took a swing at the closest. Connecting with him a few times before he lost his nerve and made a hasty retreat. Yet, the others still
hovered around and a nearby female knelt down beside her fallen comrade and started to drag his corpse away. Further back into the forest. That is amazing use of A.I. happening right there and very well rendered animation of too.

So, chased her and started to lay into her as she dropped the dead body and soon had another male standing by her side. I was trading blows with her. Which was amazing considering she was unarmed and she got the better of me and that was that.....

What was really strange here was....like before, I was given the message I had survived for nine days.

Now, that's either terrible mathematics or I was in a coma-sleep in the cave longer than I thought......

Here's two things I found...

After the native who takes your little boy, exits the plane-wreck and you are given full control of yourself. Turn around and have a look for all the goodies you'd find in the room at the back. There is also stuff on the seats in the rear. Some more food, soda's and Pedometer. (It tells you how far you walked!)

There is also some circuit boards on right underneath the left hand side of the plane near the where you exit it for the first time...

Some other survival games I got....

Don't - Starve

It's got minimalistic retrograde art style that I can't really otherwise name, but it works. It got like paper-cut-outs on 3D background illustrated in the same fashion....What else can I say about collect....attack and survive!


Another survival/resource gathering game inspired by the liked of Dungeon-Keeper and Evil-Genius...

With it style of base building. You can excavate solid rock to carve out rooms for your base which is supposedly another planet beset by radioactive rain and meteor showers. Some rooms have dug out and built already been built by the workers....one lone robot and some science people. IN this early-access game, they die real quick from radiation poisoning and running out of air. But you can send for more people to replace them. The robot needs to be watched closely or else it will built itself into a corner or just malfunction and start walking around in small circles with it's hands full. The robot is important, because it's the only thing that can dig out the rooms. The other folk can do the rest. Be sure not to overladen them with to many tasks or nothing will get done. It's got bugs, but looks very promising. 

Probably not worth buying just yet, if you don't like paying for unfinished and untested games.

Have I mentioned Space-Base DF9 before?

Built a space-base in in the freezing vacuum of space from the spoils of asteroid mining. Yet why would they just built base and not a ship? Anyway, all you need to do is build a Airlock[b/], (With Space-Suit Lockers!), Air-Recycling-Room (With a Food-Vending-Machine, you'll need one of these rooms for roughly about every four or five, 4 by 4 square rooms you lay out!) and another room (With a Matter-Refinery put inside it.) The rooms will need to be small at first (About 3 by 2 or by 3 or 4 by 4.) and after that you established safe mining economy where your space-beings can live and work comfortably. You can then make the rooms as big as you like after that. Just so long as enough recycled air is being filtered and power is being fed into them.  Otherwise, everybody will start dying like in my first few attempts of this game.

My last game was my longest session before they the power-generators started to malfunction that worked refused to fix them for some reason. As you play this, you may get the hit it's not quite polished yet.  It's Early-Access game and more stuff is supposed to be added closer to it's completion.

So, I wouldn't buy this unless you don't mind something that is quite balanced enough to play properly.


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Re: Upcoming Steam Sale.... what are people waiting for?
« Reply #76 on: 03 July, 2014, 12:02:06 PM »
Quote from: Myself
So, chased her and started to lay into her as she dropped the dead body and soon had another male standing by her side. I was trading blows with her. Which was amazing considering she was unarmed and she got the better of me and that was that.....

I must stress that what I just wrote might sound sexist to some of you. I really meant that I was mazed that any of them (The Men as well!) were as good at unarmed fighting as they were.

I would also like to point out my views on violence against women. While understand it's bad, to hit a women. I think there are times when it is except able to do this.

Like in the situation, where they are all cannibal that at this point in the game appear to be out to get me and very good at what they do to undo a person.

Like, I think it's essential that woman's rights to be treated like a lady only when they behave that way.

As soon, as they pick up a firearm or even melee weapon. It's really on.

The same goes for when they are a registered or unregistered lethal weapon even when they are unarmed and out t get you.

As much as I don't like seeing women getting exploited and done so in a violent manner. I don't like them do the same thing to me or us.

I wonder the women who have fought for equality understand the responsibility that goes along with it.

If the equal-right ladies want to hide behind that rule goes against the violence against women.

I don't think fair at all.

If you wan to be treated as a man does, you should be able to take the bad with the good.

Instead of all this nonsense about violence against women, there should be more emphasis paid to violence against anybody.

Partically women that like to lash out at men who can't legally defend themselves.

Anyway, sorry to go off topic, but I was just thinking about how I actually chased this female cannibal down and started to attack when she was fulfilling her support role in this skirmish and not even attacking me yet.

Although, there more of them and they were circling around me or some were while others were seeming to face off with me and was kind of frantically more concerned with my own survival and chose violence on the fairer sex while she had her hands full.

If this was official war between two countries, and we were all trained, uniformed soldiers. I'm sure there would be a convention against my choice of action. Yet, I had been reduced to poverty cast away on deserted island and in confrontation with these apparent primatives.

Considering they took my boy, I guess violence isn't the best way to deal with them if I ever wanted him back, but that also seems unlikely.

Somebody suggested in their official wiki that you should be able to use the tennis ball to distract them or even make peace with them.

That might be more interesting.

My views above reflect the opinion of person who's never really been romantically linked or married.

Which is true.


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Re: Upcoming Steam Sale.... what are people waiting for?
« Reply #77 on: 03 July, 2014, 02:53:28 PM »
Probably a discussion for another thread there Thryllseeker!

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Re: Upcoming Steam Sale.... what are people waiting for?
« Reply #78 on: 03 July, 2014, 03:09:08 PM »
Quote from: Myself
So, chased her and started to lay into her as she dropped the dead body and soon had another male standing by her side. I was trading blows with her. Which was amazing considering she was unarmed and she got the better of me and that was that.....



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Re: Upcoming Steam Sale.... what are people waiting for?
« Reply #79 on: 03 July, 2014, 03:39:04 PM »
Probably a discussion for another thread there Thryllseeker!

I guess it is, but you can see where it came from.


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Re: Upcoming Steam Sale.... what are people waiting for?
« Reply #80 on: 08 July, 2014, 09:21:47 AM »
I've now lost all my previous game videos including the one from playing The Forest. Which has left me very distressed and sad. Yet, I have made some more and I'm currently uploading them right now before my computer plays up like it has been doing earlier this week I lose these new ones again.

By carrying a severed hand and knocking it against them? I'm not even kidding, that totally works!

And who designed the AI on the freaking Seagulls?! Kill one and they swarm to you!

Never happened to me, but they might have tweaked the A.I. since you played.

I've also noticed that once you have built a descent camp with Hunting-Shelter.  The wandering food becomes more scarce, practically non-existent. This is either a deliberate part of the game or just glitch. It might because that it rains constantly and they stay inside their burrows at all times especially at night.

So, the game protagonist has only survived on the sustenance of berries. (Yet, that's not enough!) Sometimes, I can't tell which are poisoned, but only find out after I've consumed them. There are also a lot of edible fungus. Which could be a problem as well, if they put more realism in this game. (I could just set the whole forest on fire if they let me.) I eventually found a few more of them rabbits/conies, (As well as a lone Iquana/Goanna/Monitor!) but these were faster and definitely not as abundant as before.

Yet, only one showed up on my inventory after managing to kill a few. There was a large turtle on the beach that I managed to hack through, but it's corpse didn't relinquish it's flesh to me.

I also found the entrances to what must cave or caves, the cannibal native mutants take me every time they find me and knock me out. There were two of them and one of these was right on one of the beaches where there were some rocks. The other one was further up the beach and inland as well. I put a fire-pit at each entrance to keep them inside. This only worked with the one on the beach. Sometimes, the game lets me start building something, but never lets me complete it. (Perhaps, it's because, I chose the wrong place for it. This has occurred with the two gardens, the first-rabbit-cage (The idea of these, is that I put two live rabbit/conies in it and they soon multiply. Yet, how do I do this if I can't catch any without killing them first. How do you attract live rabbit/conies to the cage built for them. Do they wander close by and put themselves in. I don't think they will, but built one close to my camp in case they do. ), two wooden-benches, and two of those Standing-fires. If they aren't put in a pot where that game will allow you to put them. They will just continue to show up as a white outline of themselves.

 I managed to build a hunting-shelter and fire-pit on the edge of what appears to be a concealed cliff face. The forest leading up to appears to be in ravine that has been left unnoticed by the other inhabitants of the island. They have village that is almost directly inland of this place. In case, you are wondering, I found this place left of the plane-crash site. (My left, the same side I'm on when I left the plane and facing the water through the forest in front of me.) You would eventually find this place safely. If travel in the direction alone the cliff edge in front of you. I built the hunting-shelter on the right against the wall and the fire-pit on the left (Right on the edge of the cliff, where it's just rock underneath me.) and I started on a log-cabin (It's was going to be ages, before it's done.) on the cliff shelf further down. (On the left!)

I built the two traps (Obviously, for the natives to be caught in!), but it was only the spike-trap (Happy-Birthday.) that I could complete . (Perhaps the same reason I could complete other things.)

If I was in charge of this project I would have.....

Some better way to reason with the natives as time progressed. While I understand, that once the killing begins, it never really ends. 

A way to dismantle or destroy buildings. Anything that is built in this game. Your own buildings and other fixtures. Including the native villages. Everything that can be destroyed, should be, but within reason.

Soft terrain should be easy to deform or dig into. Anything that can be picked up or otherwise moved should be. Including sand. I should be able to make sand-castles, if I like.

Anything fleshy found anywhere could be cooked and eaten. Including the mini-whale and the turtle (The one I killed!) I found on one of the beaches. There are plenty of large insects and birds that can be eaten. Just Google for Man Vs Wild and Bush-Tucker-Man

Forest and village fires should be easy to start. Providing, it hasn't rained much and with that fires should be easier to start only with brush/wood/sticks/leaves that has been lying on the ground and providing it isn't rain soaked. (A watered proofed and covered stick might be a essential upgrade.) Not, that I can be absolutely sure, but anything that is green and still connected to the plant or tree it's growing from is bad for started fires. I guess, this sounds wrong if you actually can start a forest fire. I guess all it's really down to is the amount heat you can make and if it's dry enough to catch fire. Otherwise, I just don't know.

Better stealth physics. Unless those natives really do have enhanced senses and mental-telepathy to communicate with each other instantaneously.

That plane would be excellent and for shelter for me if I could climb back up into it. (There should be a toilet there as well if they allowed you to move stuff around.) This seems like one of the biggest oversights. I was thinking if the plane somehow exploded (From a open flame and leaky gas cylinder?) after I exited and moved myself (Swiftly!) a safe distance from it after somehow being warned? They might have to change that part where the native takes my child right after everything has settled (A native climbed back into the plane, but I couldn't?) and I guess they way they planned this is important to the plot of this game. 

It also occurred to me that if I could shave my head and make a loin-cloth. I could pass myself off as one  them. Unless, they can identify me alone by smell as well. (Enhanced senses and Pheromones.)

What is with the patches of black-stuff? (Ink?) Is it flame-able (Oil?) Camo-paint?

After two nights of not getting any good food. I left camp to explore in the same direction to the left of the plane crash site.  Crossing surprising diverse levels of terrain that took me to some higher ground and eventually lower to something like river. Where I hit a invisable wall and couldn't go any further.

I soon built a smaller camp here, (Almost twice, since there were limited resources on the further side of the river.) and a raft which capsized it (Was it top-heavy?) upon completion. I could still swim onto and stand on it, but that was it.

Despite, obvious bugs in this game. I'm looking forward to the added fixes/patches and it's final coding.

I think the problem with games that appear to simulate reality in so many ways is that the breaks in reality are more glaringly obvious.

Yet, it is still just a game, after all. 


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Re: Upcoming Steam Sale.... what are people waiting for?
« Reply #81 on: 08 July, 2014, 06:19:00 PM »
Quote from: Myself
A watered-proofed and covered stick might be a essential upgrade.

Sorry, that was really meant to be Stick-holder.....:lol:

And while the Stick-Holder and Log-Holder sound silly, I think they're essential for those times where you want to spontaneously build something in a hurry and you have already stocked them up fully sometime earlier.

A Rock-Holder might be a good idea as well. That's thing about this game is can't quite carry enough of the sticks and stones to build much of anything without making a second trip to the place where you find all of these things on the ground and then there is getting logs which is slightly harder.

Even without the shiny hatchet, you can make one almost as good with a rock and a stick. I think it breaks, after too many hits, though.

They may consider not giving you the hatchet when the game is completed. Just to make it that more interesting. 

Anyway, I guess I played that one to about as much as can for the time being.....

They will need to work hard to make it more interesting and especially if they go for more realism, You see, if they make it more real. I could mean that there would be more that I could do to screw the natives around, but so could they I guess.


It 's twice now, that I have fired-up the game Space-Base-DF-Nine, and haven't remembered how to assign rooms   :-\


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Re: Upcoming Steam Sale.... what are people waiting for?
« Reply #82 on: 19 July, 2014, 08:54:20 AM »
Here's a some video of me playing The Forest.....

Mutant-Female-Cannibal-Native falls just before I do at 6:55.....

Quick...to the beach and what's that at 25:00

Murdering other people's luggage and this was the video I mentioned above......It's in two-parts and is......

Continued here!

You know what I thought after watching the introduction movie to this game few more times...when I saw that almost naked cannibal dude take the young boy sitting next to me on the plane. Well...aside from the fact we were the only apparent passengers...can it be otherwise proven that he is really my boy? Maybe our seating arrangements were just coincidental and his disappearance is of no further consequence to me.

It's a shame the rest of the videos I made had now gone missing when I had lost my larger hard-drive. There would have been another one of me further exploring the island while avoiding the weird almost naked natives and building a raft that capsizes on me upon completion.

The very last video I made ...just before I lost the hard-drive I had wandered to the far right (Where I hit a invisable wall..) of where I had exited their cave system when I awoke there after dropping down to beach from a height I had miscalculated to be a safe distance to land from. After building a fire pit on the promentary hidden behind a larger tree and cooking several rabbits/conies. IT's really important to catch them before night fall/ before it rains/ before you build a descent shelter. Because afterwards......they are very hard to find.
Anyway, as I retreated back to the forest from this impassable zone. I found another beach and some small sandy islands. I swam out to one with a full load of stick/stone supplies built a another fire pit to keep warm and started on Hunting-Shelter, but this small island only had a few rocks and I had swim back to mainland (Main-Island?) to get more stick and logs. Now...as you know...logs can only be obtained from felling trees.....which produce three to four of these at a time and carry only carry one of these. So, I had to make few trips.....and ran into more natives when I was going for my second log. I didn't last long then....and it didn't help that I found no hopping or crawling food when I had travelled this far.

Did you think it was trifle unnecessary to see the crack in the cannibal's bottom....