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Author Topic: Maia another Space-Base Game....  (Read 579 times)


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Maia another Space-Base Game....
« on: 19 July, 2014, 09:34:48 AM »

Quote from: Myself on You-Tube
Maia: This one is Early-Access. Which means it's still unfinished and it's basically a small group of science people and one robot. who are establishing a base on another world. (or so it seems....)
The robot can excavate solid rock to carve out rooms (A idea that pays homage to other earlier games like "Dungeon-Keeper and "Evil-Genius") and the people can build/place doors and build/furnish each room using the excavated detritus to build them from. (Have to admit despite the outlandish premise for this game. Even this sounds a bit hard to swallow! Perhaps work something out by the time it's complete.) You have to build a 4 by 4 or 3 by 3 workshop with a work-bench or table and a standing light. Before anything else can be started. I haven't got far with this game yet. (The robot needs watching in case I have left it between the walls of the room and the wall of rock it's just dug out. It will just stand there and sometimes it just stops for no reason or will pick a object up and walk around with it in small circles indefinitely.) Yet, I guess this is expected. The humans are very prone to asphixiation, radiation-poisoning and cardiac-arrest. There's also I large bear/cat like creature prowling around outside. In featured in one of these Maia videos. The world Maia, which I believe is some Greek deity might also be the name of the planet. I look forward to the finish product.......

What I had written there says all I wanted to say about this game so far......

There are other and better videos, but I lost them all when I lost my hard-drive.

You may notice the audio in this video is totally wrong....it's from another video I made earlier and was too careless to stop playing when I started on this game.

My apologies if this ruins it for you....

The other game in question is called Dark-Matter.... and I thought it was another name for poo  :o.

Unfortunately, I was never able to probably upload a video of this game before I lost access to it.