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Author Topic: Beasts of Prey  (Read 484 times)


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Beasts of Prey
« on: 31 July, 2014, 05:44:49 am »
I've brought this game for myself and some friends over a month ago now.

I haven't played it much, because it still seems very broken.

The premise is that it's open-survival/crafting/resource-management-sandbox game that has also been described as RUST with dinosaurs.

The first time I played... I spawned in the jungle near a large body of water.

I decided to go for a swim and drowned.

The second time I played it was really to dark to see where I was going.

The second time I played it was light and there were some wooden huts and a tall-tower I could climb.

I could enter any of the buildings, because I didn't know how to open doors. So, I climbed the tower, using its ladder and walked around having a look at everything on it's platform.

I saw a large plant eater brontasaur near the water. Which approached with my knife to attack it's legs as it started to run around me in circled at a surprisingly fast speed.

That was real glitchly.

I didn't know how to do much else and couldn't even leve the game with using Control/Alt/Delete to end it using the Program-Manager.

Since then, some things have been fixed and I have learnt you can harvest wood from trees using the knife. Which a bit of a stretch of reality, but then again.

Most games are.

I've seen a few video s of this game being played but haven't learnt much more than that.

You can craft things and make building and weapons. Yet, you need to harvest wood and stone.

I can't quite pick up and put any of the harvest wood into my inventory.

I hover the cursor over the wood where it turns into hand-icon, but nothing happens when I click on it.

Nothing appears in my inventory.

Does anybody play this game.

Having the same problems or have you sussed it out.