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Author Topic: War of the Roses - War of the Vikings  (Read 499 times)


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War of the Roses - War of the Vikings
« on: 20 August, 2014, 07:11:25 pm »
I would love a Slaine mod or this or in the very least a War of the Celts expansion/add-on.

I will be crying out for this one.

Celts need to be recognised as their own and not a part of something else.

Now, I brought the War of the Roses late last year (Possibly a year earlier after checking the date after the title of that video....Most likely ::)) after seeing it reviewed on Good-Game

After seeing their more recent review of the War of the Vikings.

I purchased this yesterday or the day before along with their DLC's....




It was this latter DLC that influenced my decision to buy the whole Viking expansion with it's hint of Celtic warrior culture with some dude running around bare chested, wearing a metal Torcand arm-bands, tattoos and some very Celtic looking Tartan-Trews. While wielding twin axes similar if not the same to Slaine.

I played it for a while after finally getting my game account to work and noticed that it is much slicker than the base game and the jumping mechanic appears to be enhanced. While the fighting mechanic feels more realistic (Only Guessing ::)), yet just as difficult to execute in the heat of melee. Yeah, I'm not so good at this at all. Well, not yet anyway.

I may put up the video of my gameplay later.

One thing I found confusing is that you can either be a  Viking or a Saxon. If that is true, I guess people living or settling anywhere different from them were fair game. Still is with some places to this day.

For more Viking fun, check out .....

Volgarr the Viking

Nidhogg. I'm not sure if it's about Vikings, but the name Nidhoggis a well known dragon from Norse mythology and featured in the Slaine; Tomb of Terror story-arc as a six-limbed purple dragon who swallowed the Atlantean daughter of a native druid who in turned got creamed by that huge Cyth-God.

Viking - Battle For Asgard. When I first brought this. It didn't run so well on my the computer I was using and was soon forgotten. I reinstalled this on my knew computer nearly two or three months earlier and played through most of it in marathon 8 to 12 hour session non-stop. This was on video, but I lost it  all after I mistakenly deleted everything from the hard-drive when my computer was playing up earlier. With the right hard-ware, it's not such a bad long game. Quite stunning actually, and the combat is superb. The Viking hero who could surprising resort to some uncharacteristic steath. Can pull off some very bloody Finishing-Moves. (Not my own Video :-\)

I feel a Salmon-Leap coming on....
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Re: War of the Roses - War of the Vikings
« Reply #1 on: 22 August, 2014, 09:16:12 am »
I just brought Brian Blessed Voice Over Pack

I almost had another go at the original game, but got kicked from the few attempts I made due to my ping.

The same goes for War of the Vikings today as well.

Both games didn't want me playing them.

But I did attempt to make my family own coat of arms.

I don't like the colours of any of the ones I have found on the internet or if they even mean anything.

I will try and get screenshot of the one I came up with.

I fin that my families name appears to have a Anglo-Saxon which Germanic, but we supposedly have some Irish in in us as well.

I'm not so sure, you can never tell.

Anyway, I am having one problem wit the game. The screen that sort of like scoreboard appears right in front of me at the start and it's blocking the view  and can't find a way to get rid of it.

It did vanish after I died I few times yesterday playing the new game.

Not sure how to fix this and it will be up on a video on You-Tube very soon.