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Author Topic: Corto Maltese: Under The Sign of Capricorn – spoiler light (3 preview pages incl  (Read 11195 times)


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Man....I'm WAY behind on the Corto releases. Still have The Ethiopian and beyond to read...


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Having just finished reading:
Under the sign of the capricorn
Beyond the windy isles
Celtic tales
The Ethiopian
In Siberia
Fable of Venice
Golden house of Samarkand

--I must say. Damn good stuff. What I enjoy the most about Corto is how two sided he is. Always smooth, but always getting himself in trouble. Likes to tell people how little he cares, only to risk his life for someone first chance he gets. I also enjoy how the places he visits feels like actual places. The feeling I get is similar to that of reading Don Rosa's duck tales as a kid. Making me want to travel and meet people, listen to their stories.

The secret rose is out next month. Can't wait to pick it up :)