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Author Topic: Space Spinner 2000AD  (Read 125093 times)


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Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« Reply #1470 on: Today at 10:14:15 PM »
That's an excellent point! I definitely see what you're saying, honestly I'm not sure where I'd start getting a new reader up to speed besides a Fox style "Here's prog 1, lets get slogging!" But as we'll see in episode 199, I might have to develop more streamlined techniques ;)

My guess is you have an alternate world version of Fox to start on the Judge Dredd Megazine (or was it Judge Dredd The Megazine back in the first Megs?)

Indeed it's "Judge Dredd The Megazine" until issue 50 of volume 2 (so issue 70 overall)! And hopefully for our megazine coverage we'll be able to keep the space-time continuum intact. Now this WEDNESDAY on the other hand...
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