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Author Topic: Are the 1990s DC comics 'Judge Dredd' and ''Legends of the law'' worth reading?  (Read 2281 times)


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The titular comic's earlier attempt at writing Judge Dredd "Origins" is a jam of bum-notes but worth a blast from an historical perspective.

I wouldn't even say that - if you weren't there at the time, and you're not a JD completist, don't bother.  Re-reading the thread I just don't get the hate for Legends of the Law - like the IDW mini-series, this is often 2000AD creators taking a stab at MC1 tales, often pretty much in-continuity (our continuity, not the main DC/IDW continuity).  It was certainly on a par or better than was appearing in the prog and meg at the time.


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I didn't read it as a completist – I'm not one and it's the only Judge Dredd DC comic I've read – but as a reader curious to know how another writer tries to "explain" or fill-in what were perceived to be gaps in understanding the original from a non-2000AD perspective – and it had never really been done in any kind of authorial way before. I read it with the same interest as reading the fan-fiction chrononolgy published in the 1984 annual. It also adds to a greater apprectiation of the genuine article.
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