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Author Topic: Another 2000AD read thread  (Read 8138 times)


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Re: Another 2000AD read thread
« Reply #90 on: 22 June, 2018, 02:21:49 pm »
Crusade does read better in the collected Anderson Psi Files, when there's a clearer link to both Engram, which introduced the Psi-Baby, and indeed Helios (or was it Triad?) that introduced the twin girls who take centre stage in Crusade. But it's nowhere near the best of Anderson's stories.

I remember readers at the time complaining (and rightly so!) that it was crazy that no Dredd stories at this time mentioned the fact that all the children in MC1 were being kidnapped (see also Judge Hershey: Harlequin's Dance, which had the same plot hook some years earlier in the Megazine). If there'd been even a single Dredd story about this this it might've lifted the whole sorry saga.

You can't even really blame the art - the same problem hampered Anderson: Satan, which was painted with dependably stunning results by Arthur Ranson, but at no ppint in the Judge Dredd strip did anyone mention that the city was under attack by the actual Satan (as opposed to the Devil, who was presumably snug in his iso cube in Block 666)

But also you can blame the art, and I'm someone who kinda likes Steve Sampson!