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Author Topic: Pratchett/Gaiman's GOOD OMENS adapted for tv  (Read 1411 times)


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Re: Pratchett/Gaiman's GOOD OMENS adapted for tv
« Reply #15 on: 18 January, 2020, 10:40:07 AM »
FFS, Pratchett managed to do a massively better job on half the issues those pillocks are trying to promote, that was one of the core themes of the books.  His writing was light years better than anything they are ever likely to produce.  <.... and breathe ....>

Hard to argue with that. And while I've no problem with CMOT Dibbler bring gender-swapped (he's hardly Cheery Littlebottom or Polly Perks, characters whose genders are important), but I would have an issue with the character changing professions. We already have a Seamstresses' Guild, who's going to supply them with a pie-with-personality at the end of a hard shift of threading the needle?


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Re: Pratchett/Gaiman's GOOD OMENS adapted for tv
« Reply #16 on: 19 January, 2020, 08:57:02 AM »
I know!  It's as if some twonk has looked at Pratchett's output, noted how many books they shifted and which ones shifted the most, then given them to the most imagination-deprived, subtlety-bereft 'writers' and 'developers' they could find.  I daren't express my true feelings about this act of vandalism as I would most likely end up offending the majority of the internet ....

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Re: Pratchett/Gaiman's GOOD OMENS adapted for tv
« Reply #17 on: 19 January, 2020, 04:32:46 PM »
I have recently discovered that fantasy worlds/series are incredibly popular with white supremacists - presumably because ethnic nationalism is a huge part of the mythologies of everything from Discworld to the Witcher - so if anyone's planning on mocking the race/gender swapping in this for any reason, best get it out of your system now before the fash arrive in The Discourse and everything goes to shit.  To that end

You got to hand it to them: the character of Cheery is female in the books and it's Kind Of A Whole Thing that she is specifically female, so the producers have - admirably - cast an actor assigned male at birth and latterly identifying as she/her in the role, so the producers have managed to maneuver into a position where they can't be criticised for casting a seven foot actor in the role of a dwarf.
OTOH, the character of Keel is the time-traveling older version of Sam Vimes and is played by a black actor, but the part of Vimes (Keel's younger self) is played by a white actor, so in practicing more diverse casting, the producers have actually opened themselves up to the criticism that they haven't cast a black actor in the role of Vimes.  THE COWARDS.
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