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Author Topic: 50% off @ webstore for current subscribers due to recent distribution gaffe  (Read 434 times)

Lobo Baggins

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Good grief. That is quite the gesture. Rebellion is the anti-Hachette.

Yes, that's quite an ASTONISHINGLY generous gesture for something that I'd blamed entirely on the four day Bank Holiday weekend.

I got Invasion: 1984, The Dracula Files and the Future Shock phone book.

And they've arrived less than I day after I ordered them! Extra oil ration for the distribution droids!
The wages of sin are death, but the hours are good and the perks are fantastic.


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Was about to go for Brink 3 and Luke Kirby, then realised the next Casefiles is out at the end of the month...


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Any reason why this never happens for the JDMC or 2000ad ultimate ? I still haven’t received 43/44 of the ultimate collection due to a similar type of problem ?


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Because they're published by Hachette, not Rebellion?