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Author Topic: First episode of Dredd TV series  (Read 16305 times)


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Re: First episode of Dredd TV series
« Reply #60 on: 07 December, 2017, 01:49:23 AM »
I definitely agree that pretty much any character that isn't Dredd shouldn't be safe. MC1 is a brutal place, it should feel dangerous for the characters in it, for street Judges and especially citizens. Although don't kill Judges too often, they're the best of the best, SAS cops, I feel there should be weight to a Judge biting it. I remember being a kid and reading America, that scene where Total War shoot the two Judges responding to the bogus call and there's a big close up of the gaping bullet hole in the first Judge's chest, he might as well have been Dredd to my young eyes, it was a really shocking thing to see a Judge's life ended so cheaply and brazenly.

I'd establish Dredd himself first along with the world, he shouldn't be the main focus of absolutely every episode but I'd say hes the anchor and should have plenty of his own. I'd perhaps structure the first ep like 'a day on the beat for Dredd', show us both the more 'mundane' side of being a Judge at first, cruising around doing people for easily resolved crimes like littering and Jimping (great way to introduce us to the sights and sounds of MC1 too, as Dredd patrols by hot spots and vantage points in the city, across overskeds etc) and escalate as it goes, ending embroiled in a chase and hardcore shootout with sugar smugglers or something. As the result of Dredd's workload are piled onto the Resyk conveyor to some chilling music (Nick Cave? Are we going for a licenced soundtrack or does that clash with the world?) we see a Total War tattoo on one of the bodies.. !! Whatever the crimes and cases in this establishing ep, I think they should each explain something interesting about MC1.

It could tie up with him getting in the sleep machine for 10 mins (maybe as he fades into sleep the screen fades to black, then our image is instantly back as he seemingly immediately wakes up, a digital clock shows 10 minutes has passed) before -still bruised and scabby from his last shift- grunting wearily as he makes sure his boots are extra tight and then driving out of the Hall of Justice off into MC1.