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Author Topic: Most emotional JD stories?  (Read 2370 times)


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Re: Most emotional JD stories?
« Reply #15 on: 13 December, 2017, 02:10:38 AM »

I didn't recognise some of those stories from their titles either, I might be mistaken, but here's my guess at the following:
  • Leviathan's Farewell - is this the Anderson/Corey story, featuring the last humpback whale? Yes
  • Error of Judgement - part of the Ron Smith trilogy - Error of Judgement, Case for Treatment, and... Question of Judgement
  • Death of a Legend - McGruder's farewell Yes, prog 1009 iirc
  • Fading of the Light - aka America II
  • Zombies aka Zombie Barbeque- the aforementioned Cliff Robinson medical dummies (rather like a certain episode of New Who)
  • Simple Domestic - This was a one-off that ran in the Megazine around 1997/8 and had beautiful Steve Tappin art. It was about a perp getting released from the Iso Cubes. He's been in there for domestic violence against his wife (witnessed by his young son). He's met by his son out of the cubes, who used the time of his father's incarceration to get completely ripped. He then beats the shit out of his father and is arrested by Dredd. He doesn't resist, and always planned on being arrested.
  • Full Mental Jacket - Ian Gibson's gang story (except for the last episode)
  • Mega-City Way of Death - My exact memories of the story details are hazy - It begins with a guy trying to skysurf over the wall, and the story in the main revolves around a romance, Resyk and bodyswapping. I just remember that it's very moving but has that typical Wagner twist in the tale.
  • John Cassavettes is Dead - early Colin McNeil view of MC1 Justice Department's censorship, a la Fahrenheit 451
  • Incredible Exploding Man - someone caught in an explosion walks through the Cursed Earth and tries to get back into the Big Meg
  • Terror - Wagner/MacNeil story that reintroduced Total War and focuses on a relationship between an older female lecturer who begins a relationship with a younger man who is a terrorist. It doesn't end well. It's included in the Total War tpb
  • Letter from a Democrat - John Higgins, pre- the Democracy storyline
  • A Letter to Judge Dredd - similar vein in the lead up to Necropolis

I'd also add Class of '79, again by Wagner and Staples from prog 2006(?). It's about Dredd having to bring down yet another of his former classmates who has gone rogue. It's not a heartbreaker, but it's got quite a bleak, downbeat tone, and we also get to see Dredd's attempt at attending a family Christmas with Rico and Vienna, which is gold.

I also remember a story called The Gift of Mercy in one of the Xmas progs being quite an affecting one, but can't remember what it was about. Dave Taylor art, iirc.


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Re: Most emotional JD stories?
« Reply #16 on: 18 December, 2017, 11:55:20 AM »
Mandroid and, to a lesser extent, Mandroid 2.
The original Uncle Ump story, kinda.
Nightmares, the sort-of sequel to the Dead Man, tells Yassa Povey's story pretty emotionally. With art by Steve Dillon, who excels at that kind of thing.

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Re: Most emotional JD stories?
« Reply #17 on: 18 December, 2017, 12:33:31 PM »
'The Return of Rico'  has to be on the list, surely. Also from the early days I'd include the final couple of installments of The Cursed Earth, where the members of the Land Raider party are finally picked off and Dredd himself is reduced to crawling through the dirt, his uniform in tatters. Not 'gut punch' emotional but it definitely had an impact on me beyond that of a mere action story.

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Re: Most emotional JD stories?
« Reply #18 on: 20 December, 2017, 06:49:35 AM »
  Over the Wall is pretty sweet

Surely that's Beyond the Wall from the 1986 Sci Fi Special that you're thinking of there, Tordels?

Profoundly effective stuff with pitch perfect Steve Dillon. So good that it was at this point that Stevie, who had been reading Tharg's mighty organ since Prog 6, finally grokked why it said featuring that ludicrously dressed cop with the silly name under the 2000AD logo on the cover.
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