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Author Topic: So Who Likes Mathematics?  (Read 1591 times)


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So Who Likes Mathematics?
« on: 17 February, 2018, 04:37:48 pm »
So I'm in the midst of writing a alternate-history Judge Dredd Prequel, 2029 (which is unfortunately turning out into a novella), and I like getting all of my ducks in a row.  As an example for the Western I wrote I literally have hundreds of pages of research that I performed to write it.  So, in this new story, I've invented a pair of pistols for the lead character.  I think I have all of my math right yet it would be great to be sure (as even little things matter like the weight of magazines... Can't have some gal carrying 500lbs. ;)).

Frankly I'm relatively self-educated so that sometimes translates into doing something wrong (like say spelling) and then sticking to it never realizing my mistakes until they're pointed out to me.  So if anyone enjoys their math, please have at it, I'd appreciate the checking of mine!  Thanks!

(2) ~ Lukdai Industries Co. Ltd.: Lukdai Enforcer-II
Ventilated Rail, Solenoid Ass’t. Feed, w/Radial Progressive Full Lgth. Muzzle Brake
Custom Fit Grips w/MCT-chipped personal safety interlocks, non-ambidextrous
No External Safeties, 3,000P/min.-max., 1/3-.3A/.25A/.5A/FA Vert.-Slide Selector
37oz.-E/63.3oz.-F ~ 1049g.-E/1795g.-F, (26.3oz./746g. Full Magazine Weight)

Single use SCB-200/3.2-150 Magazines w/2-LED counters (opposing).
Self Contained 200-cycle Battery, 150-projectile capacity, 5-column staggered chevron ~ 5x30-120d.i.
26.3oz./746g. Full Magazine Weight

3.2x22 tri-metal KE-Projectiles, DU+CsRb+NIB, 221-cu.mm./4.21g/65gr., AP-SSF-KP
5,500F/s ~ 1,676M/s ~ 3,000P/min. maximum, 4365.2ft.lb. ~ 5918.4nm(j)
Armor Piercing – Self Sharpening Fragmentation – Kinetic Plasma Generating

At the last census the land area verses population however had shifted as follows:
17L/0.2P%, 21L/5.8P%, 39L/31P%, and 23L/63P%.
To put that into perspective, the statistics stood as follows:
MR1-Population Total: 417,000,000.  MR1-Area: 22,304sq.km..
FedGov/Super-Corp Regions: 834,000 pop., 3,792sq.km., 220p/sq.km. density.
Productive Rings: 24,186,000 pop., 4,684sq.km., 5,143p/sq.km. density.
Transitional Rings: 129,270,000 pop., 8,699sq.km., 14,860p/sq.km. density.
Pastoral Rings: 262,710,000 pop., 5,130sq.km., 51,211p/sq.km. density.

Thanks again for any assistance!

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