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Funt Solo:
My daughter is six and we quite enjoy comics.  I was wondering if anyone has some age-appropriate comic recommendations?

So far, we've been enjoying Lumberjanes, Ms Marvel and the Oz graphic novels. 

Whilst those can have scary-ish monsters and cartoon violence, we are avoiding gore and existential threats.  Example: her gran was reading her the Harry Potter books and the Dementors were just a bit too spooky!

Colin YNWA:
Bone. The answer to this question is always Bone... unless its Asterix... or The Phoenix, my kids love our subscription to the Phoenix...

so the answer is always Bone... unless Asterix, or The Phoenix... or DC Superhero Girls... damnit...

... She also like the Otto Stump story when I read her that...

My daughter (8) is still a big Lumberjanes fan (who isn't?), and she recently enjoyed the Andy & Lucy Neanderthal books, from the super-productive Jeffrey Brown (as did I).  She also got a kick out of Moonstruck, from Lumberjane's Grace Ellis but it's pitched slightly older than its predecessor, and your kid's interest in lesbian werewolves and barista centaurs may vary.

Funt Solo:

--- Quote from: Colin YNWA on 21 July, 2018, 06:50:30 PM ---Bone. The answer to this question is always Bone...

--- End quote ---

Just wanted to say thank you.  We got hold of Bone and have been enjoying it immensely.

I wasn't much older than six when I started reading 2000AD (eight, around progs 308 - 350)...


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