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"The Whole Twoth" 2000AD Strip Cartoon

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Bad City Blue:
I've been writing some strip cartoons that have been brought to life by artist Ed Doyle, and thought it would be nice to share them here. They are only of any real interest to 2000AD fans, I hope you like them.

Bad City Blue:
Dammit, can't work out how to put Flikr images on here.

Put the web address in the [img] [img] brackets but doesn't work.

Little help?

Bad City Blue:
Made an album on flikr, but what do I do next??

Bad City Blue:
Arg! BB code, Embed code... nothing works

Can't help you with posting the actual images to them, but until somebody more clued-up than me comes along, how about just posting simple links to the pages they appear on?


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