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Author Topic: Alien predator partworks  (Read 2836 times)


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Re: Alien predator partworks
« Reply #15 on: 06 December, 2018, 01:27:28 pm »
Just got my box of four books too. Very nice way to test a series - I especially appreciate their offer to shop buying customers to refund them their money if you want.

Very impressed with the books though; I had worried they would be slim mainly due to the website showing the Mignola book as the sole content of that volume where it is a very short OGN. I then thought they would bulk it out with some features on the history of the films like we used to get in Titan magazines in the 90s.

As it is this is a real treat. Glad I went for it and will do so again next time I encounter a Hachette test! The Avengers one from last year was an opportunity missed - they began with Infinity Gauntlet in HB.