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Author Topic: New Forum Member Selling some of my collection Prog 1 to 700ish to fund book  (Read 1745 times)


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I'm new to the forum. I've been collecting 2000AD for about 30 to 40 years. I'm not very web smart and have a friend who can explain stuff (well tries to explain stuff). I'm selling part of my very large collection of 2000AD to raise money fun my book project. I'm writing a book about collecting 2000AD for pleasure over the years, now and in the future. So every sale helps.

Title: "SELLING: 2000AD Collection as individual issues"
Item Name: 2000AD Progs
Location UK and will send world wide
Price: Varies from £1 upwards. Will take offers
Description: Very good to Near Mint. No tatty or dirty 'loft' comics. All freshly bagged and boarded when delivered. Many have free gifts including progs 1,2,3 178, 300 etc. Many also have the original advert flyers in them like War Cards, Spotlight on Sport, Buck Rogers Stickers. Also signed stuff by the likes of great Ezquerra.

My pal is doing all the web stuff

Here's a short link everything listed on ebay (listing stuff every day)


This is a link to my facebook page (trying to get to grips with it)


and this is pinterest


You can message me here or via facebook @earthlet, ebay or here.

Thank you.


Here's pictures of a rare misprint prog 2 with stickers as an example of my stuff