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Author Topic: Game News - Judge Dredd: Crime Files  (Read 1669 times)


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Re: Game News - Judge Dredd: Crime Files
« Reply #31 on: 17 November, 2019, 05:30:16 pm »
Must saying I've been really enjoying this (since attending to Greg's helpful hints). I think the art is rather lovely - the slightly stiff Robin Smith style Dredd seems more to do with 3D modelling of his uniform (apparently from, as Steve says, the 3A 12"), but it's offset by spot-on Dredditude and catchy growling (more than one child has been told "Plenty of cube time for you, creep" this past week).  I particularly like the Ron Smith fatties, and the gormless looking juves.

While endlessly grinding those creds I get a lot of satisfaction from clearing out 14 perps without executing a single one.