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Author Topic: Prog 2110 - Gremlins in the System!  (Read 3213 times)


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Re: Prog 2110 - Gremlins in the System!
« Reply #45 on: 13 December, 2018, 03:27:43 pm »
Re: Kingdom, it's definitely an end, insofar as it wraps up the whole Numan-TickWar-Space stuff, but I don't believe it's the end. Abnett may (or may not) be resting it for a while at this handy point, but personally I'm not remotely done with Gene & Co yet, and I can't believe he is either.

As to the rest, Dredd good fun and looking great; SinDex a bit by-the-numbers (reminds me too much of the giant cyber-gator story) but Yeowell & Charles on top form; Brink as nerve-jangling as ever.  Abnett really pulling his weight this week!