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Author Topic: BUYING: British Underground Comix  (Read 416 times)


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BUYING: British Underground Comix
« on: 13 January, 2019, 12:46:46 am »
BUYING: British Underground Comix

Note: Depending upon title and condition, I'm offering as much as £100. Please refer to the list below.

Big Six Comics #1 (1976, Applehead Productions)
Cheapskate Comix #1 (1971, Cheapskate Enterprises)
Cosmic Bean, The (1983, Mushroom Moon Comix)
Duck Comix #1 (1978, double-sided A4 sheet)
Earnest Comix #1 (1972, Bullsheet P)
Graphart Freekm'g #0 (1977)
Graphics (1974, Fiasco Publications)
Hot Box Comix #2 (198?, Kevin Trundley)
Interplanetary News (1976, Cosmic Rip Offs)
Jampacked Funnies (1974, Joint Student Publications)
Komik #1 (1974, The Collective)
Mighty Joe Young (1975, Fiasco Publications)
Point of a Joint, The (197?, Ham Comix)
Resistance Comics #3 (197?, Belfast, Ireland)
Rosc Dubh (197?, Belfast, Ireland)
Row Barge Rat (1976, The Row Barge)
Smouldering Electric Blurb #1-3 (1971, Johnny Lee)
S-S-S-Super Man!, It's (1975, Fiasco Publications)
Suddenly at 2-o-Clock in the Morning #1 (1974, Last Minute Productions)
Up the Docks (1974, The Basement Writers)
Vark #1 (1975, Rod Vass)
Wank Fodder Witisisms (197?, Gaberdine Comixbux)

Given the nature of these publications, I'm consistently making new discoveries, so if you have anything that you feel might be considered underground, or even alternative, from the '60s through to the early '80s, please let me know!