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Judge Dredd: Machine Law is the stand-out story this week, not unexpectedly, with a very fitting finale which was even better than the best of the predicted endings speculated about on this forum. Wagner showing us all how it's done. I did wonder last week just how so much could get sorted out in just six pages, and yet he did it superbly. It's a shame the Dredd Mega-Collection finished before this could be included! Maybe there'll be room in the 2000AD one. I've hugely enjoyed this story.

Jaegir took an unexpected turn at the start of this episode; it reminded me of the film Red Sparrow. Also of the 1984 film Dune. It also introduces the new bad guy for the next story.

Tooth and Nail ends reasonably well, with just enough of a twist to keep in interesting. I particularly like the panel at the bottom of page 3.

Grey Area is literally just talking heads, which is a bit dull, but sets up the next bit of the story.

Skip Tracer finally finishes, and about time. It's just really dated and pointless.

There's an advert for the next series of Brink.

Next week: Kingmaker and Survival Geeks.

Not had my prog delivered this week need spoiler for dredd please

Are you sure? I know you're impatient, but they're called spoilers for a reason! Better to wait and read it, I think. But I'll relent if you're desperate!

Moly - you really don't. This is easily one of the most accomplished Dredd stories I've read in the last few years. Patience young, Squaxx.

And yes, Grey area may well be 'talking heads' but OMFGrud, this is why Dan Abnett is so well regarded around here.

We are spoiled, I tells ye.

#Praise Tharg.

Will try and be patient (for once) and wait till its delivered


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