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Author Topic: Button Man coming to Netflix.  (Read 13117 times)


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Re: Button Man coming to Netflix.
« Reply #45 on: 26 July, 2019, 05:31:09 PM »
I was looking through a list of British Actors, and since Harry strikes me as an older man, Iain Glen of GoT Fame's face leered out at me. I doubt a stone-cold killer would interest him, but you never know.

Didn't think Harry was any older than early 30s in the first series, but I'd be happy with Iain Glen too.

I remember Tharg's choice, back in the day, being Rutger Hauer.  What might have been.
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Re: Button Man coming to Netflix.
« Reply #46 on: 26 July, 2019, 06:02:17 PM »
Get Seans Bean and Pertwee both as rival buttons, and we could have some seriously gruesome deaths to enjoy. Not that I'm advocating Paul W S Anderson for director. Neil Marshall, on the other hand...

Neil Marshall would be an excellent choice for Director. Failing that, we could give Alex Garland the job.

The film's being directed by Brian Helgeland. He made Payback and A Knight's Tale; his most recent movies were respectable period biopics, 42 and Legend. I sort of quite like all his films*, so I expect I'll sort of quite like Button Man when it appears next to the Liam Neeson flicks and Triple Frontier on Netflix.

Helgeland uses the same actors on different projects. If you get lucky, that might mean Tom Hardy as Harry Exton in a UK-based production. If things don't go to plan, you might get Mel Gibson or Jake Gyllenhaal doing accents or using the US setting of the second book to tell the story of the first book.

* Except for The Sin Eater/The Order, a Heath Ledger film I'd never heard of until now.


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Re: Button Man coming to Netflix.
« Reply #47 on: 27 July, 2019, 02:05:32 PM »
I'm getting carried away here. I was watching Black Sails with Toby Stephens-guess, which 2000AD property floated into my head. Again, more than likely he'd be doing the Lost in Space show rather than an unfamiliar character. As Frank states, an American 'star' might be more suitable, in the Producers mind for the role. I prefer a Brit or an Irish Actor, but if the decision is else wise, that's their decision.

Does anyone know where you can hire hitmen by the hour?  :P :)
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Re: Button Man coming to Netflix.
« Reply #48 on: 27 July, 2019, 03:34:30 PM »
soooo, when's it due on screen and how likely is that? Given I'm thinking of ditching Netflux.
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