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Author Topic: Heroes signing Glenn Fabry and Karen Holloway  (Read 386 times)


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Heroes signing Glenn Fabry and Karen Holloway
« on: 28 September, 2019, 07:53:39 PM »
Seems to be a bit low key but there was a signing by Glenn Fabry and Karen Holloway, who collaborated on the recent future shock ‘Congested Anima’ and the cover in which it appeared, prog 2149. They were both at Heroes comic shop in Newport on the Isle of Wight today. Being a Squaxx for over 30 years i went along and spent a great 15 minutes chatting and asking questions as there was very little queues, Glenn and Karen signed the prog, told me how they met to produce the artwork, Glenn was only too happy to sign my copies of the Preacher covers book and tell me some anecdotes about the work inside. Really nice to have the chance to see Glenn doing some sketching on some blank cover DC editions (he was halfway through a Harley Quinn when i arrived). Top marks to both of them for their time to do the signing!
Great to have some art droids on the island too, hope they repeat it and thanks to Rob and all at Heroes for their amazing store!