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I've mentioned my site on the forum and I don't want to bleat on about it but i do want it to be as complete as possible.

I was just looking on eBay and spotted two things I don't know about.

1.  The 2019 Subscriber-only Poster Prog.  Is this a new JD story, has it been reprinted?  I just bought it (on eBay) but it'll be a while before it arrives.

2.  Plagues of Necropolis.  This doesn't come up in the Wiki or JD mentions on Barney.  Is JD in it?  He's on the cover (again, just bought it).

While I'm here, am I missing anything on my bibliography?

I hope you don't think I'm trying to mention the site too much.  I'll limit it to here if I have queries. 


Gary James:
Do you have a list of pin-ups yet? There were several images on the backs of progs throughout the eighties that you should include, as well as indicating where stories were reprinted (which Barney ought to be able to help with). I don't have the lists to hand at the moment, but you should definitely look through the annuals to see what was included there as well.

If you want every appearance of Judge Death, I'm sure he also appeared in Eagle at some point*, and then there is PC Gamer, PC Zone, SFX, Empire, Total Film and the like, both for coverage of the Dredd vs. Death game and rampant speculation about a possible film appearance.

The first couple of pages always had reader feedback and news, and there were often photographs with comic strip art superimposed on the heads of people or various faces (famous or not) superimposed on art.

Leigh S:
They appear in a weird poster prog with some kind of Emo/Metal band? McCrea artwork?

Dark Jimbo:

--- Quote from: Leigh S on 01 February, 2020, 10:22:34 PM ---They appear in a weird poster prog with some kind of Emo/Metal band? McCrea artwork?

--- End quote ---

The Placebo one?

Gary James:
This one.

Not that I approve of it being posted online in its entirety, but until someone decides to get it removed (hint) you can see what it contains.

Comic World, Comics International, Wizard [US], Speakeasy, Metal Hammer (?), Death Ray (?), and more publications which I can't remember the name of. It'll be Wednesday at the earliest I can check some of that, though you shouldn't hold your breath.

If anyone has a full run of Deadline to hand, or has looked through it recently, did it cover 2000 AD at some point? It is precisely the kind of mag which would run a pic of Death rather than, say, Dredd or Anderson.


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