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Author Topic: Flash Game  (Read 711 times)

Adam Twycross

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Flash Game
« on: 03 June, 2003, 01:29:01 AM »
Hey Folks- I need your help!

I've just finished (at least, nearly finished) my first Flash platform game, which I've put up online at my new site www.adamtwycross.co.uk

The main character, Joe Barbarian, owes a lot in look to a certain Celtic Barbarian who you're all familiar with, and his name is a little homage to Pat Mill's and John Wagner's propensity to call their heroes Joe.

Anyhow, as I say, I've just finished it, and am in the process of ironing out a few glitches in the programming- if any of you feel like helping me out, head over to the site and tell me how it is to play... I particularly need to know if the download time is okay, make sure it doesn't play slow on your computers and that kind of thing.

Cheers folks!



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The greatest cover...
« Reply #1 on: 03 June, 2003, 02:02:04 AM »
When's it gonna resume,I was really enjoying that?