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Author Topic: Prog1277  (Read 2029 times)


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« on: 07 February, 2002, 02:56:37 am »
Dredd - Looks as though John Burns painted this with his eyes shut, not his best stuff to date - I prefer his Dante. The Crystal Skull is an interesting charector, shades of the Phantom of the Opera and I suppose we'll be guessing for a while who it really is - guesses anyone? I'm up for Two-Ton Tony after he's released from Fat Club, Citizen Snork sans probiscus and the rest of his flesh or Judge Death's long lost brother?

Storming Heaven - the best thing in this prog, Irving loves turning soft pink into an evil colour and this really reflects the whole way that good and evil and intermersed together in this strip. What did I tell you about the lurve child? Let's see Rennie cut the umbilical next episode and let forth the dogs of war, or on the other hand he could just get blasted to high heaven and the world sent to hell, who knows?

Shakara - unknown opinion, unknown opinion,unknown opinion,unknown opinion,unknown opinion,unknown opinion,unknown opinion,unknown opinion...mmm, the best episode yet. How does that eye support itself? Henry Flint is slowly creeping up the leg of my critical trousers, when he hits the love sack I'll proclaim him a god of illustration, but that means i'll have to kick out Brian Bolland and Flint's a long way off that yet.

Future Pants - Like a quick drying polly filler, won't polish up never mind how much you sand it, still has holes in it and falls out of the wall of your mind once it's dried on your conscious. Add an 'a' into Ben Counter's name and he'll be Bean Counter and this story is about as interesting as one, even the chick's about as hot as ice cream - squint your eyes though and she could be a baked alaska? Boring, predictable tosh!

Bad Co. - what a sh*te ending, crap art, even the pun of McCarthy doing the colours has worn as thin as a tramps pants, and the whole story from beginning to end has smelt like a pair (not that I've had the experience). Danny crys over Kano, I'm weeping tears of joy!


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Re: Prog1277
« Reply #1 on: 07 February, 2002, 03:25:49 am »
Here's my two penneth...

Dredd - a "to be continued" tale - with Alan 'retiring' from comics though, how likely are we to see this storyline disappear without further mention (like the long lost and most definitely unlamented Sino-Cit war build up and the Judge Anus 'prologues')?  With the Chief Judge's Man and the Rico plots brewing nicely, this cliffhanger seems pretty pointless.

Storming heaven - nothing more to say that hasn't been said, chiefly because nothing else happens that hasn't happened in the other 5 parts - major disappointment.

Shakara - Would have been nice to have seen some sort of clue as to where this story is going when Sneer reads Shakara's mind.  That said, it's a nice ironic ending, given Sneer's comments at the end of last week's prog.

The Shock was actually much better than many recent attempts, IMO.  While it fails in terms of exploiting the idea fully, it at least HAS an idea which is fun and satirical.  Along with the Molly Eyre stuff, this has been pretty much the only recent Shock worthy of print.  Give the guy another shot I say.  The art is fairly poor though, esp the door kicking in scene - worst panel of the year/decade?  Ah, I forgot....

Bad Co - another wasted opportunity - why are the Krool so evil if Danny has been controlling them? A story about Danny fighting his own corruption by the Heart with his eventual redemption by Kano would have been a classic and fitting ending to a series that was always about the dehumanising effects of war (of which Danny becoming the Heart was the biggest symbol). As it is, 6 weeks of Kano shooting Krool was utterly pointless.

I kind of like the cover - I'm no massive fan of Clint's stuff, but a cover that features more than a portrait of one character gets my vote - let's have more 'scene' covers please, featuring backgrounds, interaction etc.  The portraits are sooooo boring.  


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Re: Prog1277
« Reply #2 on: 07 February, 2002, 03:44:56 am »
The Crystal Skull is an interesting charector, shades of the Phantom of the Opera and I suppose we'll be guessing for a while who it really is - guesses anyone?
[end snip]

Oh god not two stories in the same issue leaving us guessing what it really is...

Well here's my twopence worth




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Re: Prog1277
« Reply #3 on: 07 February, 2002, 05:24:49 am »
I'll tell you who Crystal Face is.  Alan Bloody Grant.  He never liked Dredd and now he's going to spend the rest of his semi-retirement torturing him!  The sick demented freak!

Well different strokes for different folks I guess :)  

Incidently Alan, if you are listening, could you get some Lego Dredd sorted out?  Cheers.

Actually is he writing material for a space series of Lego or their movie tie-ins?  I must admit the concept has me intrigued (PVS twiddles imagionary waxed moustache).

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Re: Prog1277
« Reply #4 on: 07 February, 2002, 05:54:17 am »
Remember Wagner and Grant the legendary team of writers who gave us some of the greatest Dredd's ever?

Yeah, they were fantastic! So er..what's Alan Grant up to these days then?

Oh he writes stories for lego.

His Dredd's were that bad then?