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Author Topic: 2000 ad Reviews Past Present and Future  (Read 907 times)

Rio De Fideldo

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2000 ad Reviews Past Present and Future
« on: 06 October, 2003, 11:22:34 pm »
Being a big fan of Gavin Hanley?s reviews and the general set up of 2000adreview.co.uk I was wondering whether if we could introduce a summary and review section on the official site. However as seeing as he has been doing such a good job for the past year I thought it would be good if the reviews began at Prog 1 and contained onwards.

Obviously this would be a mammoth,mammoth task however I think it could be done as a weekly thing by everyone with access to the progs in question.

I for one would enjoy reading the summaries, followed by other boarders? reviews, recollections, thoughts, and memories of classic thrill power.

What does everyone else think?

Is this a practical idea or not?