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Author Topic: Who is Judge Rico  (Read 465 times)


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Who is Judge Rico
« on: 15 March, 2002, 02:11:14 AM »
I was an avid reader of 2000ad until about 5 years ago. Sorry, kinda grow up overnight =[ I always have a nosety on the webbi, & pick up the a copy every week & flick through.

Judge Rico has moved into Rowdy Yates..... is he ex Judda, or a Dredd clone (yea I know they are all the same") can someone update me on what's been going on!!


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Re: Who is Judge Rico
« Reply #1 on: 15 March, 2002, 02:16:20 AM »
Rico is one of the infant clones that Dredd rescued years ago in the "Dredd Angel" tale. He's from the same bloodline as Dredd, and there've been several good tales about him recently.