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I've just read V for Vendetta.

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It was such a blatant piece of theft, I refused to read Brigand doom.  Utter shite.

V however is rather good...

Funny how you get these great comics, while everything else is so mundane.  Crap will outweigh the good, but in comics it seems like the scales are fixed.

I think tooths WORST COVER EVER has to be the one with Brigand Doom with all the 'stuff' on the page done in a Windows 3.1 stylee. UUUUUUUUGH!!! Has to be the cheapest form of imitation ever. Very sad! I don't think I can bring... nah, hold on, I'll find it...


I recently read V for Vendetta as well - and simultaneously wandered through Brigand Doom in 2000AD.

BD isn't a *complete* rip-off of VfV, but it's not far off it, and is far inferior.

VfV was superb.

Which is praise indeed from someone like me, who doesn't generally think much of Alan Moore's "serious" works (Halo Jones, VfV & From Hell excepted).


v read it originally in warrior best new brit comic for years what with axel etc shame it folded

Actually, I think that covers pretty cool.

Mostly because of it's retro charm, so I can see why someone would cringe if they saw it first time round.

The thrill power menu is fantastic.


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