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Colin YNWA:
Issue 3 lands and we have our first problem. That being to allow more space for the ongoing stories we don't get the normal original done in one. Which is a shame as that complete short adds a great balance to the slower moving ongoing stories.

Still the upside is we get more of the brilliant ongoing tales - so ya know!

To the Death - is really strong again - BUT - please don't have refridgerator the characters I think have been refridgeratored. This strip is better than that surely???

Kora remains a silent wonder.

Just 3 pages of Foot Soldiers again just isn't enough. Still its good and we another fold out next time apparently.

Tiny Acts of Violence is so intriguing and just sucks you into its tight and dark world behind the Iron Curtain.

Shifter - is well constructed, tense and then spins a really surprising ending which opens up... well we'll have to see.

Soulwind - Is fascinating. I'm not sure how all the elements piece together but this one is building to something. Just not sure what yet.

Another fantastic issue - which some really nice little extras too. We might be waiting a little longer for issues at the moment but this is so good I'll wait as long as we need. Long may it continue.

Colin YNWA:
And issue 4 and the delays are starting to hurt this comic... a bit. Its still fantastic and the best new comic out there. Its a heady mix and the simple diversity and experimentation just make this a must buy. Its a beautiful package to, the online purchase (and my sub) come with some lovely bonus bits - the store bought might as well. Its just a shame that its over 2 months and some of the stories have lost me.

The reason this is only a bit of a problem is they all still grab you attention and a re-read is an enticing prospect.

Tiny Acts of Violence - utter lost but this is still great and since its finished its first part will get read again happily.

Kora has world as other arrive with a very direct agenda that leads to more violence. This is probably the standout - just wonderful.

Soulwind Yep there's a couple of things going on and the adventures of the young boy entrance. Fantastic.

Ghost Exterminator a one off my the brilliant Warwick Fraser-Combe - felt like more of an introduction than a self contained story, but if that's so I'd welcome more and this has a deliciously edgy and off kilter feel to it.

Shifter is getting better and better and the other world watcher scenario feels a million miles from where this started and I wonder how it relates and whether this is some sort of afterlife? Need to wrap back to that first episode as I suspect there's clues there.

To the Death - NO REFRIDGERATOR - fantastic!!! This is great as well and I can relax about the worries I had last time - this is indeed better than that!

Buy this comic - it might be a little more Crisis than 2000ad but if that works for you you should be reading this.

Absolutely agree 100% about Shift- the whole package is just so bloody lovely. I did worry about how #5 would pan out without Tint Acts of Violence (which has been my highlight thus far), but seeing that new strips by John Freeman/ Smuzz and Dan McDaid start next "month", I'm put more at ease.
Everything else is as you say- though for me, To The Death is very much my "other favourite", having grown on me these past four issues (plus the one-off from the store) and completely changed my mind regarding Geoff Senior's art. I went into it disliking his "messiness", but after that frankly stunning one-off I mentioned, I now gaze agape at every page.

I love the format of Shift- the page dimensions, the thickness, the *smell*, everything. A couple of issues ago I was convinced it would flounder and we would be lucky to get more than three. They seem to have found a model that works for them, and I hope now it will be a regular buy for years to come.


Interesting to see some material from the ill-fated Strip Magazine resurfacing - the Freeman/Smuzz series Crucible is due to start next issue, which I think maybe only one or two chapters of which saw the light of day originally before that went down the toilet.

I've more faith in Shift lasting the course as for one thing it's not being run by a total shyster, and has others have said it's a really high quality publication which deserves a decent run.

Ordered the starter pack on the basis of Colin’s zeal.

They really gotta change that logo tho, it’s very dated.


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