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Colin YNWA:

--- Quote from: Goosegash on 15 May, 2021, 12:10:56 PM ---Interesting to see some material from the ill-fated Strip Magazine resurfacing - the Freeman/Smuzz series Crucible is due to start next issue, which I think maybe only one or two chapters of which saw the light of day originally before that went down the toilet.

I've more faith in Shift lasting the course as for one thing it's not being run by a total shyster, and has others have said it's a really high quality publication which deserves a decent run.

--- End quote ---

Yeah I was in the nerd cave last night and found I still had my Strips and so checked and lo and behold yes it was that series - so lovely that its been picked up and yep hope this time its found a better home that does a better job for it. I decided not to re-read it (it was just one part that I think) and allow the series to drop on me fresh. I will go back and see how its developed.

--- Quote from: BPP on 15 May, 2021, 04:08:32 PM ---Ordered the starter pack on the basis of Colin’s zeal.

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Gulp - christ hope you enjoy it then. Think you will but hope you do...

Colin YNWA:

--- Quote from: BPP on 15 May, 2021, 04:08:32 PM ---Ordered the starter pack on the basis of Colin’s zeal.

They really gotta change that logo tho, it’s very dated.

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What did you think?

Issue 5 has arrived and its another triumph - all be it a more qualified one this time. The new strips aren't quite up to the standards of of the opening line-up ... yet...

They are Dega which I'm very much looking forward to, being a fan of Dan McDaid's art. This openning is good, exciting but doesn't really give us anything to bite into. Shipwrecked space type has exciting encounter on alien planet to show how much peril they are in. I mean its good, its just not... anything else yet BUT plenty more to come and the art is lovely.

Crucible is kinda similar, Shift has strips that do something different and this one has a band of hard types in the service of a ruler type kicking some ass of some brigand types. That's it. I mean again its good but nothing to really bite into yet, but plenty to come.

The done one Nebula does more than either of this in like 8 pages and maybe 100 words. I read it twice on the second time think I got to its meaning and look at death as release (I can get these things very wrong). Wonderful.

To the Death continues to be coldly thrilling. Soulwind has gone from strip making you explore for meaning amusing adventure of a child and his companions. I love the way this has effortlessly drifted and opens itself to move and shift again i don't doubt. That first opening feels like a distant memory but will no doubt wrap back around.

Shifter gets better and better each episode and this one is a blinder as we start to see the wonders of this new world Noah gets some thrilling new experiences.

Kora remains my favourite of the lot. it slips effortless back into wordless storytelling and then spins us into a completely new scenario. What's to come well luckily as book 1 ends, book 2 start next time and I'll be there.

This one also has a subtler smell, which is all the more satisfying for that.

buy this.

I've got an order in for the next batch of issues having got 1-3 earlier in the year. Issue 4 is on backorder though I fear, which is a right pain. I just can't get this book anywhere near here. I should probably just subscribe but it feels like a lot of dosh in one hit.

Soulwind is one I know well as I have the five ONI tpbs and also a one-volume HC. Sadly, to my eye it I don't think it scales up well, file quality wise - the trades are at a cute 210x14mm size, and it was first published US size by Image.

But I'm glad it's getting this exposure!

Colin YNWA:
Issue 6 landed when I was away and I think its on schedule. If Shift can manage to maintain that as things creep towards normal we could have an ever better thing here.

That said the shifting post openning line-up sees things wobble a little. There is still so much to love. Kora leads us off and remains magnificent, To the Death continues on good form and Soulwind is still fantastic. Shifter continues to get better and better. So the original strips are fine.

Speaking of original strips Hungerville the one off from the first issue returns for an amusing but pretty inconsequential second story. Speaking of inconsequencual the one off Sherlock Holmes feels very much that. The two new ongoing haven't quite gelled for me. Crucible is solid but lacks the inspiration of the original strips and Dega might need a quick recap.

Still a very good read and well worth while but lets see how things go as the line-up continues to develop.

Colin YNWA:
Issue 7 is a lean mean comics machine. And I think its come in the originally planned 5 week time frame - double impressive AND its a 100 pages BUT it reads a breeze. This comic is still on of the best things out there. Its a delight.

Have to say while the newer strips are settling in okay, though I'm still struggling to get much out of Crucible, Dega is really shifting (ahem) up a gear and is great this time.

Of the rest they are all still brilliant To the Deathis hard and interesting, Soulwind is still mixing things up, but love the way the kid is entering a more real world and its hardships. Shifter is entering a second phase and doing so seamlessly and brilliantly.

Kora remains the best thing in here and that's saying something.

There a nice process piece from Gary Erskine in the 'flipside' backing up a preview (i think) of a Kickstarter First Men on Mars and the normal lovely pull out of Killatoa Express.

Its such a handsome package to boot and at £6.99 great value... oh and it still smells wonderful!


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