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Shift Comic - new UK anthology

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Barrington Boots:
I've also ordered this. I wasn't into 'regular' Shift as an anthology, but I'd definitely support more of this sort of thing and the Brawler / Spacewarp stuff.

Colin YNWA:
Issue 8 has landed and this remains a wonderful comic. Little more uppy and downy than the first few issues, with some variation in quality but heck what do we expect from an anthology.

To be fair its the strips form the original lineup that are strongest, so I'll come back to them. I'm still struggling to get into Crucible, it kinda bounces off me. The one-off this month(ish) by Lyndon Webb is okay. I've seen this art as posters and single images all over Facebook and they have a very distinct style, so its very interesting to see that applied to sequencials, overall it pretty nice, if it all gets a bit tight in at times. The story reminds me of the kinda one-off your get in the old Dark Horse Presents - pretty good but when you strip it down its just an okay Future Shock. Decent.

Degas ends this month and Dan McDaid's 4 parter (from his 44 page OGN) has a very effective ending but now I need to go back and read it all again to make headway with what was going on as cross the story as a whole.

The regulars all have very, very good episodes this issue. Shifter remains intriguing and as the story has unfolded its drawn me more and more into its world. Soulwind is such fun this month. At some point I must go back to that first episode and see how that works in the context was what we have learnt since. Kora remains my favourite strip and this dialogue free episode is another exemplar of fantastic visual storytelling. To be honest though To the Death is probably the best strip here, it has a fantastic episode and this series does work best when it strips back from the massive gun battles and focuses more... well in this case on the smaller gun battles! The characters really shine here though.

So yeah we're up to issue 8 and this is still a lovely product - the extra flip section is an okay advert for a new mini from a ne3 publisher - well put together and yes it still smells GREAT.

Shift has announced their winter special will be launch as a kickstarter shortly
they are setting up a number of pledge levels which will allow you to get original art from Geoff Senior, Lyndon Webb, Barry Kitson and more
It will also be on sale through the normal channels after the end off the kickstarter

Colin YNWA:
Good news - be very interested to see how this does. Also be very interested to see who the other original art teirs might be - the Facebook page suggests there will be others. Would love a Kora page (if its not digital?)

The kickstarter goes live on Friday 29th October


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