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Byron Virgo:
Definitely check this out. Really does justice to the style and humour of the comic, as well as showing us a surprisingly intimate portait of Pekar and his wife Joyce.

Just caught this last night.  An exceptional film.  You wouldn't necessarily want to be caught next to Pekar on a long flight, but the final David Letterman show, the first meeting with his wife and the aforementioned Revenge of the Nerds scenes are all moments that would make any film great.

I also loved the part where the real pekar and his mate were sitting in the studio being interviewed while the actors playing them sat in the background looking bored.

Recommended as one of my films of the year.

Seconded. Caught this a couple of months ago, and then had to endure Mini Bolt (Or D@N as he now wishes to be known) saying 'nerd' in the style of Pekars friend for about a week.


Byron Virgo:
Toby Radloff, who ended up on MTV promos and B-Movie horror films.Link: Toby Radloff

Trailer - looks pretty good - is he still alive...Link: ...or am I daft asking that question?


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