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esoteric ed:
Do you mean the small format DC Thompson publication from yesteryear? I found the first  15 issues here a while back during a clearout starting at Number 1, I'd forgotten I had them.


Is it hust me or are they absolutely great. A forgotten jem from a by-gone age, i also new they half existed until a couple of months ago. Now im slowly putting a collection together. I am right in thinking there was only 281 issues???


yes there are 281 issues, then towards the end they seem to have run out of artists more than anything with some of the later being very cobbled together (although the scripting is excellent and several characters become regulars)

esoteric ed:
I didn't know there was so many :-0, I must have stopped after the first dozen or so.


i have never liked future shocks but here each story is a bit like a long drawn future shock early on in the run

they develop in to standalone black and white 68 page epics that would make good graphic novels



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