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This is my sort-of-quiz, as mentioned in some thread or other (I thought it was the no advent calendar this year thread, but apparently not).

Inspired by a YouTube channel*, I've taken the blurb for various 2000AD collected editions (from the 2000AD webshop) and used Google Translate multiple times, then translated back in to English.  I've had to do some jiggling about to take away names that would be an immediate give-away (sometimes Translate will turn names in to a word, then that word gets translated through other languages, sometimes not).

Not exactly sure how this will work - I expect I'll post the translation here, update the Forum Tree Present thread then allow a day or two for forumites to guess which collection it originally came from.  If nobody gets it within a day I'll probably post the answer, maybe an additional day on weekdays (sorry, shift workers).

No doubt I'll get mixed up somewhere along the way and post the answer along with the blurb, or leave translated blurbs without answers...

Correct answers will consist of a series title or (as appropriate) a series and story title - closest wins.  'Win' means kudos and I won't be tracking who gets how much kudos!  I haven't included any Dredd Case Files or Treasury of British Comics.

First one coming up in a few minutes when I decide which to start with...

* Translator Fails: The Sound of Silence, Africa and the inevitable internet song.

I think this one is quite an easy one to start with (though the exact collection name would probably flummox me).

--- Quote ---The devil?

A former bronze-nose inspector who was insulted and cursed by extraordinary powers, is responsible for protecting the summit and treaty between the kings of England and the armies of hell.

When the cancer spread, called his friend to help save the grandchildren who had been expelled from the plant.

--- End quote ---

I'll also post the original blurb once somebody guesses the answer.

I'll spoilerify for those who want to guess: Absalom: Terminal Diagnosis.

"Bronze-nosed"  :lol:  This a great idea, Sheridan, thanks!

The Legendary Shark:

I'd make the same guess - though the brilliant "bronze-nosed" made me think of Tycho Brahe, which threw me off for a while.

Great idea, Sheridan. I may have to steal it for the ISIHaP thread...

For the impatient - Tordel got it right (thanks for adding the spoiler tag - means other people can play along before I post the answer tomorrow - and you'll see just where 'bronze-nosed' came from).


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