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Leigh S:
Watching Pat Mills on the Lawless panel, he raises an interesting point about voting coupons, though obviously Pat's memory can "cheat", so my question is thus:

when did the voting coupon vanish?

Funt Solo:
I don't know - but I can narrow it down - it's there in prog 999, but not in prog 1120. (It's also not in prog 1000, but that one had an unusual editorial layout.)

I know there was a Megazine Readers' Survey in 1996 (M3.16), and a 2000 AD Reader Survey in 2001 (prog 1262).

Leigh S:
that's what I;d figured - by then, were many readers even sedning back the coupons? 

We are into the territory of an adult/more mature readership that was much reduced from the comics heyday of the 70s... I;d presume the data would be pretty patchy by then - too small a sample to be useful?

Funt Solo:
Ah - found it!

Prog 1075 has the final "Exit Poll" and then prog 1076 has an announcement where they are dropping it in favor of making more room for letters, and instead giving away free gifts to the Letter of the Week.

(That's a new decision going into 1998, btw.)

I'm curious to know if more people routinely sent in those voting coupons than posted on the 'Prog/Meg' threads on this board, which more or less hold the same data.

If, say, 30,000 people read any given Prog (on average, number plucked from absolute nowhere), how many opinions does it take for Tharg to know if a story is popular or not - 5? 20? 100? 1,000? I never did get my head around how statistics work, but I know you don't need a big sample number, just a varied pot of people to collect the samples from.


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