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Steve Yeowell or Fraser Irving - Artists Ryder Cup Current vs Classic - Tie 11

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Colin YNWA:
Before the last three votes of last week this tourney looked over as a competition with Classic team storming into a 6 : 1 lead. But Current Team don't know their beat and managed to rally with three straight wins. There is still a gap but its a lot closers at 6 : 4.  S knowing the draw this week is super important for the Current Team, you could well argue that it contains its strongest field of any week, they need to pick up points here.

So starting with The Mighty Yeowell is not a bad way to go, even if he did go out in the second round of the Current Tourney. Few have had such an impact, on so many great series, over such a long time as Steve. I’ve never hidden my personal belief that he is one of 2000ad definitive artists and a personal fav. So I was a little disappointed when he drew another artist I adore (mind how many times has that happened for folks in this competition) in Simon Fraser, who drawing Steve Dillon didn’t get out of the first round of his tourney, but no shame in that at all. Irving’s art is so distinctive and bold can even the Mighty Yeowell topple him?

Time for you to decide your favourite as the droids square up to the tee…

Steve Yeowell - more info


Frazer Irving - more info

Remember for this tourney you have 5 votes to distribute as you please between these two artists, whole numbers only. So you can vote 5 - 0; 4 - 1; or 3 - 2; either way depending on how much more you like one artist's work over the other.

If you can’t be doing with that just name your favourite - remember bold tags, or other ways of highlighting always appreciated - and I’ll give them 3 votes and nowt to the other droid.

Three day votes, so this one ends morning of Thursday 20th May

Remember we only consider work for Tharg in these Tourneys

What the heck is all this about - well we have a thread for that

How does this new voting work? Look here and why again?

I don’t understand how this works, what are the rules of the Ryder Cup - yep got ya covered there too

Anything else just ask and I’ll make something up. Most importantly have fun!

Steve 5: Frazer 0

I can't imagine anyone drawing the lion's share of Zenith other than Steve, plus we have his Devlin trilogy and The Red Seas. Fraser has done outstanding work on Judge Death and others, bringing backs of atmosphere.

Steve Yeowell 3, Fraser Irving 2.

Mr Owl 4 : Dr Trips 1.

A nice battle of the precise lines.. 3-2 Yeowell


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