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 All of the freelance art jobs I have had in the gaming/ comic industry, have been submitted over the internet.  Or I have been contacted through message boards. Most companies have requested the submissions be done in this way rather than sending them hard copies.  Does 2000 AD review submissions in this manner?

It would save on postage...

Never has done, and it's unlikely they ever will. I would suggest you send them samples thru the post and include a web address which will allow them to see more.

- space

Does this mean that you've finished your current projects and are now looking to turn your paint brushes in a 2000AD direction?

I'd certainly like to see your artwork on the front cover.

Based on what I've seen, I wouldn't. 2000AD has finally gotten rid of the dearth of Bisley clones and I'd hope to never see another. Sorry. Until you can find your own voice I won't be in any mad rush to see you appear in the galaxy's greatest.

- space


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