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No word on a UK airdate yet but I just watched the pilot for this sprawling new space opera/futurepolitics show based on a series of books and it's seriously impressive statement of intent.

Clearly aiming to be a space Game of Thrones with all gritty bits and intrigue (the titles and the first episode pre-titles bit are very heavily indebted to GoT) it seems to be following three central characters, one in space, one on an asteroid and one on Earth. There's war a'brewing and  weird stuff is afoot. It's admirably dense and I'm quite keen to get onto more of it.

Hopefully with the massiveness of the new SW there'll be a bit more of this sort of thing as this current era of the HBO style series has really been gagging for a decent sci-fi show. *mumble mumble* shame Star Trek ain't currently filling that gap but this is promising.


--- Quote from: CrazyFoxMachine on 19 December, 2015, 09:27:42 PM ---No word on a UK airdate yet

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Although actually it's a moot point as SyFy themselves have uploaded the pilot onto Youtube:

Go and see if CFM is speaking wank or not. I certainly was about there being a pre-titles bit.

Professor Bear:
It's not just the pilot - ScyFy has put the first four episodes out on t'web already.

It were alright, but I thought the made-up space language stuff was an embarrassing throwback, as was the pointless zero-gravity sex scene and tacky tracking shots.  Also, it suffers from the usual problems of much of SyFy's output in that its fictional world doesn't make much sense, though for some reason what stuck with me was the usual "oppressed underclass" guff - how many engineering degrees and years of training would you need before getting to the point where you could swing a pickaxe in space, yet we're expected to take it as read that none of these (possibly literal) rocket scientists would join a union?  This "Earth is the oppressor of all the colonies" stuff is pretty unworkable if you play it too serious, but stuff like the more campy Killjoys and Dark Matter got away with it by playing up to the idea of the upper classes being an evil empire of some sort, whereas Expanse just seems to want you to take it at its word that Earth controls everything because Reasons, even though it seems happy to overexplain a lot of other stuff considerably less essential to the coherence of the fiction.

Still, it's a space opera coming out just as space opera has become huge again, which is a no-brainer, shirley?

Ag - I'll hold back on watching them all at once, that way madness lies.

I get your drift but I viewed as more fantastical than literal if you see my meaning. As in - this is as much about an actual perceived future as Game of Thrones is about the actual medieval past. It is steeped in enough tropery to be a bit fey and fun (Tom Jane's noir asteroid detective in the pilot is pure pulp) but has enough going on for me to make it seem worth following. "Because reasons" can sometimes be enough for worlds this dense if the characters are engaging enough to carry you through it. However I may have to watch more before trying to wade too far into defending it!

I'll definitely give this a try, Tom Jane is the man.


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