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The Legendary Shark:

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"The EXIT sign was lit throughout the feature! I demand a refund due to this unacceptable LIGHTNESS!"

Colin YNWA:

--- Quote from: The Legendary Shark on 12 March, 2022, 04:00:35 PM ---"The EXIT sign was lit throughout the feature! I demand a refund due to this unacceptable LIGHTNESS!"

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'The unbearable lightness of bearings'

... well it almost works

Rara Avis:
Really liked it but it was too long.

Of course it's going to be a trilogy so I guess this dealt with Batman as Vengeance and then next will be him becoming Justice.

Just so hard to look at Batman in a modern setting and find him relevant. The crux of this movie was that he was so busy being Batman he forgot to Bruce Wayne and that allowed the criminals to make off with the billon dollar fund his Dad his set up save the city; his real legacy.

As a billionaire he could solve more of Gotham's problems by investing in education and after schools programmes, free college and childcare, better sex education and free healthcare, public works programmes and social assistance for the mentally ill and homeless than beating up criminals one at a time. He's out beating up street gangs when the real criminals are taking the city for millions and getting away with it.

That final scene where he's top of the roof just looks so bizarre. Imagine being evacuated in a crisis by a guy dressed up as a bat?? It just was so strange when the rest of the movie was somewhat realistic; well stayed true to its own logic.

I hope they grapple these issues in the sequels and update Batman for then modern world.

Thought it was a decent interpretation, and had the feel of a comic book Batman in parts. Liked the more 'gothic' portrayal of the character, the Riddler was genuinely creepy, and very different from any of his previous appearances.

It is a bit too long, could have been 2-2 and a half hours. Plot wise, reckoned it held together with the different crime bosses/syndicates, and the overall corruption of the city.

Thought this was cracking. Especially the differences in the upbringings of Batman vs. Riddler vs. Catwoman. Some good detection and some good action stuff.

It didn't look too dark on the telly (but was still dark).

I've said before that I love the fact that Batman is a character that you can view this way. Or like Adam West. Or like Nolan's. Or like The Animated Series. Or like Burton. Or Schumacher. Or even Snyder. And all are equally valid.


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