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Blazing Battle Action - available from Hibernia Comics

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Colin YNWA:
David has done it again. Hibernia Comics have their latest volume out a deep dive into Battle Action written by our own magnificent David Bishop - once of Tharg's guilded cage. Looks like another triumph and perfectly timed as a campaign piece to the new Special.

You can (and should) buy it here

The Amstor Computer:
The perfect timing was a bit of a nail-biter - we wrapped it all up and delivered to the printers, then kept fingers crossed it would arrive in time! Hope everyone enjoys it, and that it does both the work of both Davids justice - and I was chuffed to be able to include a small nod to the late, much-missed Ian Kennedy with the choice of back cover image...

Barrington Boots:
Arrived this morning! I've only had a chance to read a small part so far, but flicking through, for someone whose childhood was heavily impacted by Battle it looks really great. Another beautiful bit of work from Hibernia.

Bad City Blue:
Here's a full review - amazing book

That's about something else.

Also, Colin's link doesn't lead to anything relevant.


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