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Well, so far I've had a blast watching it this season.  I've got over the fact that Hughie isn't Scottish, that MM isn't still suckling from his mother, that the Female and Frenchie have names, that the Black Noir twist can't happen, and that Butcher doesn't have the same reason for hating the Homelander.  Butcher's accent seems to be getting a bit better too, or maybe I'm just getting used to it.

This season seems to have upped the Ennis-ness considerably, and no longer seems a toned-down version of the comic.  I was a tiny bit disappointed to see Herogasm reduced in scale - a house, not an island - but the depths of depravity are pretty much unchanged. Not many TV series show people fucking octopuses.  Also, Love Sausage has arrived!

The writers have very skilfully weaved the comic storyline around current events too; the whole thing is oozing with toxic Trumpiness even though the orange clown doesn't exist in this universe.

Looking forward to more.

all of the above

Trooper McFad:
I must concur- really enjoying it and happened to watch episode 2 while the good lady was in the same room (usually sent upstairs to watch my shite) but she watched and now I am allowed to watch in the comfort of my living room 😁 - she says it’s watchable

Hilarious, bleak, utterly gross, and right at the top of the pile in a summer full of amazing television.

It's a fantastic series and I've really enjoyed it. As much as I like the comics, I think all the changes for tv so far have been improvements.

Jayzus, why do you think the Black Noir twist can't happen? What did I miss?


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