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Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 22 July, 2021, 07:11:25 PM »
No bother. It truly is a horrendous story alright, but not altogether surprising these days.

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 22 July, 2021, 02:08:13 PM »

And now he has to live with it. Tbh, he better face the fucking consequences than issuing an apology (likely fake as they always do, as if "I have me plenty Ngg friends"). Pff.


FTFY - seems you used an image link in your post rather than a URL one.

Off Topic / Re: Science is Drokking Fantastic Because...
« on: 18 July, 2021, 11:32:45 PM »

Haven't read Arkham Asylum recently but I really loved it when I read it back in about 1994 or so.  I really didn't know much about the DC universe at that point - I mean I still don't really, but a lot more than I did then - and that was my introduction to a lot of the Batman bad guys.  Including Two-Face, believe it or not, who I was surprised later to find wasn't usually depicted as such a poetic lost soul.

I kind of liked the way the ending bucked the superhero trend a bit - It's entirely within the hands of the bad guys whether Batman lives or dies, and he just gets lucky  But maybe it wouldn't stand up if I read it again these days.

General / Re: Al Ewing or Ian Edginton- Writers Solhiem Cup - Tie 17
« on: 14 July, 2021, 02:06:04 PM »
No disrespect to Ian, whose work I generally enjoy - he is already romping home with this one, in any case!  But Al is the one that got away (the Next Generation) for me.

I'll third this.  Edginton is great, but Ewing has written some of the best Dredd tales in existence as far as I'm concerned; including Wagner ones.

Al 4, Ian 1

But Zenith, though.  It's brilliant.  It continues to amaze me and is still my favourite thing he's written for any company.

I will second that !!!

Have you read his Animal Man run - you should read his Animal Man run. I mean I love Zenith, I love LOTS of the stuff Grant Morrison has written in the US (so of course not to be consider here!) and good as his 2000ad Superhero, good as so much of what he's done is, Animal Man is his zenith* it really is wonderful. Meta, original, thrilling and yet oh so human.

*I apologise for nothing. NOTHING.

I have, yeah.  It's brilliant - the old breaking the fourth wall thing wasn't anything new, even then, but Morrison made it special; in the same way that Alan Moore made 'it was all a dream' work perfectly in  Marvacleman (or whatever).

I still think I prefer Zenith to Animal Man though.  I didn't read the latter till my late 20s or even 30s, but I kind of grew up with Zenith, Peter St John, Ruby Fox and co, and they feel like old friends, even if they are spoiled, megalomaniacal and a universe-dominating dark god respectively.

To miss the point of a character to that degree isn’t just disrespectful, but it’s also piss-poor writing. It’d be like writing Superman as a psychopath because, hey, he’s got big muscles and could do whatever he wants and so fuck history.

I still like Zenith a lot, and I have time for some of Morrison’s subsequent output. We3 is a favourite. Invisibles is flawed and far too long, but frequently very smart indeed (with a superb central premise that feels very evergreen—and horribly apt in the current political climate). But he was always so full of himself in 2000 AD, without ever having the quality material to back that up. (Millar doubly so.)

Well, fair point about Dredd - I didn't mind Inferno at the time, mainly because it wasn't Garth Ennis (and I really hated Garth Ennis's Dredd).  It is kind of rubbish in hindsight, though.

Grant was a bit of a mouth in those days, and freely admits he styled himself on Morrissey.  Sadly Morrissey, while not being half the bellend he is today, was still a budding misanthropic egotist.  And later Grant tried to tell us he'd been an extroverted techno-punk the whole time; rewriting his own history in the same way that he says rape never featured in his works.  Dan Dare and the fictional version of Britney Spears might disagree there.

But Zenith, though.  It's brilliant.  It continues to amaze me and is still my favourite thing he's written for any company.

For me, Zenith is an incredible piece of work.  Firstly it was a fun piece of classic comics, with superheroes fighting Nazis and Lovecraft monsters.  On top of this, it was a shrewd satire on the shallowness of 80s pop culture, and a necessary dig at the politics of the day.  But this was all woven into that breathtakingly complex background of the omnihedral multiverse and the alignment, which took me over 20 years to really understand (and even now I'm still finding bits I missed).

Before the Summer Offensive came out, I was thinking 'Wow! The Zenith writer is doing more stuff for 2000ad!'  Then it was a case of 'Hang on, what's this all about?'  But gradually I got the hang of Big Dave (South Park before South Park, really) and even Really and Truly, which I began to realise was just a comics version of the shallow, repetitive but ultimately fun rave music I was getting into at the time.  I honestly don't think Grant was trying to destroy 2000ad; rather just adding a bit of throwaway anarchy to British comics in the same way punk did with music.

Alec Worley is a fine writer but Zenith gets Grant his* extra points here.

Grant 4, Alec 1.

*Or their extra points, as I've just learned from Eamonn's latest podcast.

Off Topic / Re: The Black Dog Thread
« on: 12 July, 2021, 12:43:47 PM »
Well the mental health nurse said that she had 16 years experience.  I don't think she is assigned solely to that practice but probably rotates around two or three practices in the area, then again I may be wrong as it was fairly easy to get an appointment.

The counsellor who I had the most problems with (and had the most problems with me) had had decades of experience, and made sure to tell me as much when I dared to disagree with his advice.

It's like teachers, I suppose.  We all had crap teachers who'd been in the business all their lives and had no interest or skill in educating kids.

Jade, I'll send you a PM if that's ok.

Off Topic / Re: The Black Dog Thread
« on: 11 July, 2021, 04:42:17 PM »
Her parting comment was that she had never worked with a client as difficult as me.  Not completely surprising now that I think of how utterly out of her depth she was but still, a nice parting memory ...


Unbelievable.  You'd have to wonder what kind of jobs these people thought they were training for, if they were hoping to avoid difficult and negative clients. That's what depression is:  it's fucking difficult, and fucking negative.  Any thoughts or opinions that the therapist doesn't like dealing with are the same ones that the patient / client has to live with, 24/7.

I started with an online CBT therapist early last year and while it was helpful, she tended to stray from technique to technique without me feeling that the main issue was being addressed.

Recently I switched to another online therapist who uses the TEAM CBT technique, which I've found more helpful - a lot of time is spent pinpointing the precise issue before any techniques are used, and the client is expected to rate and review the therapy session after it's finished, to inform the therapist of any mistakes he's made. This is an incredibly brave move on the therapist's part, imo, and a refreshing change from having to argue with a counsellor about how well they think they understand you.

So far so good anyway, still a while away from recovery but I feel I'm making progress.

Off Topic / Re: The Dry Dog Thread
« on: 08 July, 2021, 05:09:19 PM »
After being rushed to hospital with acute alcohol-induced pancreatitis in 2001, I had to stop drinking altogether for a while. Horrible condition, felt like my insides were on fire from neck to groin, and 1 in 20 people just go into shock and die. The only treatment is to shut down the digestive system completely (nil by mouth) and manage the pain, so I had 3 weeks in hospital with a nutrient drip in one arm, and a drugs drip in the other.

It was impossible to get a consistent answer from the docs at the hospital about future drinking- advice from different consultants ranged from "a pint a day would be fine" to "you must never touch alcohol again". The brush with death (and the fact that someone I knew died of the same condition) scared me teetotal for two or three years, but I did some research myself and the advice is to 'avoid alcohol abuse'. interestingly, the pancreas and liver are self-regenerating organs and so can deal with binges, but my habit of 2-3 pints a day after work was not giving it any chance to recover, so it went on strike. At first I tried to continue going to my local and not drinking, but I soon realised the difference between actual friends and drinking buddies, and came to appreciate just how much shit people talk later in the evening. I gradually stopped going and don't see most of those people at all now.

After a couple, of years total abstinence, I allowed myself a few drinks at special occasions such as Christmas, but gradually the "occasions" became less special - Friday is a special occasion isn't it?

Nowadays I drink quite a lot when I do, but drink nothing for 5-6 days a week, and I've been fine. Getting shitfaced on a Friday has become a weekly treat rather than a daily habit.

This post has inspired me to cut down / scared me into cutting down my booze intake, and this week I've had my first booze free days in months. And it wasn't really that hard - I just drank alcohol free beers instead of my usual IPAs. So thanks!

I'll have a bevvy tonight and I've no real intention of stopping but I'll be doing a few booze-free days a week from now on for purposes of organ repair.

I should point out things were getting a bit out of hand as lockdown went on, to the point where I never went to bed without feeling at least a bit tipsy. Time for a change.

Off Topic / Re: The Black Dog Thread
« on: 08 July, 2021, 03:32:10 PM »
Well, I got an appointment with my GP's mental health nurse, and not to sound negative, but it was a complete waste of time.  Just saying things like "You've got to focus", that's the damned point, I CAN'T 'just focus', I'm having major sleep problems and life just feels hopeless.  She says "you can change that", well gee, why didn't I think of that, I guess its just that damned easy.

Hopeless, hopeless, hopeless.

Well that is bollox, pure and simple.  Having gone through my fair share of therapists, I think I can safely say that this person is rubbish at her job.  I hope you told her as much - I'm certainly very quick to tell therapists these days when they're not helping.  I'm not a very confrontational person, but I made one counsellor VERY angry and defensive a few years ago, and he was sure to tell me how difficult he'd found the session.   Fair enough, mate, but I'm 60 euro down (more, counting lost work time) and you're 60 up, and you haven't even helped me for it.

Off Topic / Re: The Black Dog Thread
« on: 03 July, 2021, 08:54:45 PM »

Sounds great, JBC. It really is the little things, isn't it? Camp fires are incredible - so many people come to the site and sit around them with drinks and mates. That's been going on for tens of thousands of years and it's still wonderful. If mankind had a symbol, I think the campfire would be it. Raise a tinnie to me the next time you do that, for my spirit will be with you!

I most certainly will.  It was meant to be today, but the Irish weather had other ideas.

Nope, I'm wrong - it's turned out nice again. So here I am in my ring fort, beside the campfire watching the sun go down. And drinking a beer - here's to you, Sharky.

Off Topic / Re: The Black Dog Thread
« on: 03 July, 2021, 02:09:07 PM »
Though everything you mentioned helps, I'd argue that a good CBT therapist is the most effective weapon against depression, or failing that, a good CBT self-help system.  I've said it before, ad nauseum probably, but this book was my introduction to TEAM CBT and I've become somewhat obsessed with the system since. finding it extremely helpful in attacking the underlying beliefs that caused my depression and anxiety.


The therapist I am working with online uses this system - so far it's just been about me pinpointing the exact problems I want to attack and the thoughts / beliefs that have led to them; so I can't really say if the online stuff is effective.  I'll keep you all posted.

Sounds great, JBC. It really is the little things, isn't it? Camp fires are incredible - so many people come to the site and sit around them with drinks and mates. That's been going on for tens of thousands of years and it's still wonderful. If mankind had a symbol, I think the campfire would be it. Raise a tinnie to me the next time you do that, for my spirit will be with you!

I most certainly will.  It was meant to be today, but the Irish weather had other ideas.

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« on: 02 July, 2021, 12:47:33 PM »
Well, that's better than most of the stories in that 2000ad Alternity Special right there. 

You get that boat seaworthy first, then we'll get back to you.

I'll get right on that.  When the sea levels rise and all your homes are flooded, you'll all look up and shout 'save us!'... and I'll look down, and whisper 'no'.

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