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I bring you... the geekiest shelves in the Hideous Boxroom of Doom!

My lovely mum brought me the full Pitt set of figures, including the rather splendid Dredd, over from Canada the other day, and I wanted to share them with the board.
The Dredd's very cool, despite the bumbag, and some of the others are great too. Madman's gun is fabulous and that's some set of claws on Pitt! (Whoever he is...)

I realise how astonishingly geeky it is to have action figures, then post a picture of them on the  internet, but I thought it would be fun.

As you can see, my meagre collection isn't going to win any awards - especially given the boxes are long gone! - but I bet a few boarders can beat me.

Anyone want to join in? Let the world see your darkest, dustiest shelves, cabinets and cupboards!

- Trout

ha! I'd call you a nerd except i have some of those too!

Dredd looks 'kin awesome - far superior to the advert picture - might have to get one now, cool

Here is a tiny part of my Cellar of Dredd.

Oh I had better open those doors


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