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Debating online? You’d better read this.

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This is a really useful document. I encourage anyone prepared to get into a debate on social media to carefully read it.

Your current techniques are likely causing the other person to double down on their position, rather than change their mind. I’ve seen this happen really Brexit, climate change, Labour vs Tories, wearing facemasks, and so on.

It’s a common misconception that just presenting the facts will do the trick. If that person has an ideological view that contradicts the facts, they will likely ignore the facts.

This document discusses how to structure an argument to hopefully avoid this.  If it still doesn’t work it at least gives any other reader of said discussion an ‘inoculation’ against the myth or conspiracy theory - both giving the facts, the myths, and explaining the difference.

Have a read. It is a fantastic take on the psychology of debate:

Let me know your thoughts!

The Doctor Alt 8:

This unfortunately is very true. It is why certain scientists refuse to debate when they are certain the audience or those they are debating against have strong, ridiculous views such as flat earthers or "designed evolution" it only encourages them and worse case scenario can get the speaker angry and lead them to say something unfortunate or open to willful misinterpretation.   

Professor Bear:
I've seen a lot of this kind of take on the left for a while now, as an increasing number of pundits put their money where their mouth is in pursuit of class solidarity, but it's almost immediately dismissed by soft lefties and centrists as "the dirtbag left" being indistinguishable from the hard right.  Helping to teach the basics of dialectics and critical thinking has never been more important.

The Doctor Alt 8:

Yes I couldn't agree more! Unfortunately that's something that isn't taught or even realized as a skill now.

The Doctor Alt 8:

Oh there is also THIS...


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