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Meg 428: Trail by Fire!

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I caught up on my megs the other day - did Dredd, Megalopolis, the Returners and Dreadnaughts in quick succession- all excellent, although the low panel-per-page ratio of The Returners does trigger me somewhat!

Anyway, when I came to the Dark Judges strip I realised I was massively confused about what was going on, so treated myself to a day of gorging on Dark Justice, Dominion, Torture Garden and Deliverance. And, my word, what a great series this is. When it comes to Death and co, the Deadworld stories seem to get more prominence (and they are excellent too), but read the modern adventure are top notch too. I would say my fave of the completed series is Torture Garden, but Deliverance has every chance of equalling that. David Hine and Nick Percival doing excellent work here. What started as a more action based affair in Dark Justice has really grown in depth, with the airbrushed art really ramping up the nightmarish sense of dread. I loved the idea of Death being trapped in Boing® having to read life-affirming poetry! Of course, he’s out again now, though...

Sean SD:
Like with the Prog, in 2021 I'm going to do a top 3 for the Megs as well starting with this one

My Top 3 for Meg 428

1st - Megatropolis - noir, alt universe Megacity. I like the namedropping myself
2nd - Dreadnoughts - great insight into early years of the Judges
3rd - Dredd - cool villain, Niemand doing great stuff again


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